Galtech Aluminum Umbrellas For Commercial Applications


Galtech of Camarillo, California provides a selection of stylish commercial umbrellas. Some feature proprietary technologies; for instance, their Cafe and Bistro collection offers canopies made of Suncrylic fabric that’s been solution dyed to prevent fading.

Other features include preventative airway passages, stainless steel cables and a deluxe tilt mechanism. Some models even come equipped with interchangeable bases to fit different pole sizes.

Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics come in an extensive selection of styles, colors, patterns and textures that will complement nearly every design aesthetic. Their durability is unsurpassed with exceptional color fastness lasting through years of outdoor use without losing their beauty; plus they are fade- and stain-resistant as well as being simple to maintain and clean – ideal for use on awnings, furniture cushions, boat canvases or any other indoor/outdoor furnishing applications.

Sunbrella fabrics are created using 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers, so the dyes penetrate all layers of their fabric. Furthermore, UV protection is built into their designs so they will not fade or bleach over time. In their manufacturing processes they use only environmentally responsible chemicals while recycling both pre and post consumer waste from production processes.

Fabrics from Sunbrella are specifically tailored to their respective purposes; shade/awning fabrics feature densely-woven construction to withstand canopy structures without sagging or tearing, while upholstery-grade fabrics offer more comfortable seating surfaces and are soft enough for extended seating times. All Sunbrella fabrics are mold, mildew and stain-resistant; upholstery grade fabrics remain more supple over time than the others.

Sunbrella fabric differs significantly from Olefin in that it won’t absorb liquids and stain as easily. Furthermore, Sunbrella’s non-porous surface makes it much less vulnerable to mold and mildew growth and easier for cleaning as its fabrics won’t soak up water or stains as quickly.

Sunbrella is made of plastic and does not transfer static charges that could damage electronics and electrical equipment. Furthermore, its more comfortable feel makes it suitable for outdoor furniture cushions awnings or boat canvas applications.

Glen Raven, the company that owns Sunbrella fabrics and yarns, takes great care to produce sustainable designs with sustainability, performance and durability in mind when creating their fabrics and yarns. Their color saturation technique helps reduce water and energy use during printing; plus they have an innovative recycling program which recovers both pre-consumer waste from manufacturing as well as post-consumer materials from end consumers.

European Cast Iron Bases

Galtech provides several umbrella base styles designed to securely hold any market umbrella for table mounting or free standing use, whether tabletop applications or free-standing use. European style bases, Steel plate bases or Premium cast aluminum bases can all withstand any weight of Galtech umbrellas for commercial application; each size and weight comes equipped with multiple support brackets.

With the Industrial Revolution came an explosion in cast iron usage as an engineering material. Cast iron production was easier and cheaper than its counterpart wrought iron production; moreover it offered several distinct advantages, including being stronger against compression than its wrought counterpart as well as tougher against deformation. Cast iron was commonly used in bridges like Buildwas’ Ironbridge as well as canal trough aqueducts like Longdon-on-Tern, Chirk and Pontcysyllte Aqueduct – it even found usage as weaponry cannon and shot!

Cast iron is a gray-black metal with low melting point and high casting ability, making it the best metal choice. Cast iron boasts one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among metals while also being highly corrosion-resistant; additionally it is highly ductile and easily machined.

These characteristics prompted the invention of the crucible process during the 15th century, which increased efficiency of casting while decreasing costs and greatly expanding availability of cast iron products.

Cast iron remains widely utilized in manufacturing industries today, due to its durability and resistance to rusting – ideal for patio furniture and outdoor equipment, residential garden furniture, fire grates, stove grates, door and window hardware, Le Creuset pots and pans are popular examples of high quality cast iron cookware that stands the test of time with their timeless styling, low costs, easy repair/refinishability capabilities and fantastic value proposition. If shopping for cast iron it is wise to purchase from trusted sources such as specialty stores or online retailers who provide warranties covering cost associated with replacement parts replacement/labor costs/shipping expenses related to your purchase; these warranties generally cover costs associated with replacement parts replacement as well as shipping charges or any required labor/labor costs/shipping charges should they become necessary.

Steel Plate Bases

Galtech utilizes Steel Plate Bases to secure their Market and Commercial Umbrellas for both residential and commercial uses, featuring heavy duty stainless foot plates with anti rust primer. At 60 lbs each, these heavy bases are capable of accommodating pole diameters up to 1.75″; rubber feet prevent metal-on-surface contact for extra safety when using these heavy bases with tables and free standing umbrellas. Galtech warranties all of its bases for one year from date of purchase against defects in materials & workmanship while auto tilt and deluxe commercial umbrellas carry warranties of two years against defects in materials & workmanship respectively.

Cast Aluminum Bases

Heavy-duty bases are an integral component of Galtech commercial umbrellas, providing stability both during use and retraction. The Texacraft range of bases include cast aluminum, weighted polypropylene and galvanized steel options to provide long-term performance in various outdoor settings.

These cast aluminum bases come in an assortment of colors to perfectly complement any patio decor and include decorative finials with solid resin hubs. All bases are protected with premium multilayer finishes for extra durability and weather resistance, as well as being easy to keep clean; their outer surface has an anti-rust primer application and protective rubber feet to stop metal from touching patio floors directly.

Aluminum is an incredibly resilient, corrosion resistant metal used in several industries. Galtech employs this material in their high-end market and offset umbrellas made with stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms designed to maximize patio enjoyment. Their fabric options have also been engineered to withstand environmental elements as well as UV rays making these umbrellas perfect choices for homes or businesses alike.

These European and steel plate umbrella bases come in an assortment of decors to match existing outdoor furniture or add a modern sleek look. Both come powder coated for anti-rust primer to prevent rusting and have protective feet to avoid scratching or damaging patio surfaces. Recommended for all free standing Galtech umbrellas but table mounted models as well.

These premium cast aluminum base sets are an essential addition to any outdoor setting. Each base includes two tubes – one long enough for freestanding umbrellas and the other shorter enough to mount onto tables – with their exterior coated in an anodic oxide layer to provide extra moisture protection and environmental safety.

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