Secretlab Omega Chair Review


SecretLab’s Omega chair offers soft padding and luxurious feel compared to the Throne V1. Furthermore, its class 4 hydraulic piston can support up to 110kg while its armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions for easy adjustments compared to those on Throne.

The 2020 model includes an awesome memory foam head pillow and formed lumbar pillow for even greater comfort! These incredible additions enhance an already amazing chair!


Secretlab offers some of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the market with their TITAN and OMEGA series chairs, boasting excellent adjustability and customization features such as 4D-customizable armrests, Cold Cure foam for their molded seat and back cushion, memory foam head pillows and lumbar cushions that further increase comfort – these optional add-ons make these chairs even more inviting.

The Omega is designed with modernity in mind: sleek lines and minimal forms are its hallmark. While more industrial than some rival models, its look remains contemporary and not overbearing. Its backrest stands tall, boasting the Omega symbol across its center; otherwise its black color complements most desks or office furniture nicely.

TITAN and OMEGA models are both easy to assemble, with clear instructions provided in their manuals that should help any novice builder put it all together in 30 minutes or less. Armrests are conveniently attached directly to the seat base rather than backrest, making attachment far simpler.

There may be some minor technical hiccups, but none of them should be deal breakers for most people. The armrests offer plenty of adjustability – with metal levers beneath each one allowing forward/backward and up/down movement and rotation to point in or out depending on which way your front edges point.

Backrest adjustment allows nearly anyone to feel at home in this chair; its only potential drawback may be its failure to relieve pressure off of taller users’ necks.

The TITAN and OMEGA gaming chairs stand out from other chairs by featuring tough yet soft PU leather that doesn’t fade or wear easily, making them great choices for anyone spending extended hours at their computer or TV screen. Plus, cleaning these tough chairs shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming either!

PU leather may flake over time and will need to be polished regularly in order to remain smooth and even. If this occurs, periodic buffing will likely be required in order to restore it’s sheen.


The Omega chair offers fully adjustable back support to meet the needs of different users. Height adjustments and seat sliders allow you to find a position best suited to you, while its lumbar support adjusts in depth and tilt. Plus, enhanced airflow ensures maximum comfort throughout the day!

Like its sister series, the TITAN 2020 series provides full customization of chairs so you can get exactly what you want. The website lets you enter your height and weight before suggesting an appropriate chair size that should fit well for you. Once chosen, click onto your design of choice (Esports or Special Edition, for instance) to further personalize it further.

Though smaller than its TITAN series counterpart, and with less lumbar support, Omega is still an exceptional gaming chair for budget shoppers. Reclining angles are smooth, making it easy to find your optimal position quickly and comfortably. Cushioning is soft while its seat remains among the most relaxing of this list.

It has an appealing aesthetic with its vibrant blue colorway and industrial-looking finishes and structure, featuring sleek armrests designed with sleek profiles to prevent arm cramping during long gaming sessions. It even comes equipped with its own charging station!

The Omega arrives in a large Secretlab-branded box with plenty of padding to protect it during shipping, yet still manages to be quite heavy and awkward to lift even for someone with average strength; you may need assistance when moving it upstairs or downstairs. Once assembled, its instructions are straightforward and easy to follow; its only real drawback being its lack of footrest; though you could add one easily from Amazon or elsewhere! Overall it’s well worth its cost compared to similar premium chairs!


The Secretlab OMEGA gaming chair strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style. Built for hours of use, its padded foam keeps you cool and cozy – not to mention there’s plenty of color and design choices so that you can choose one that meets your individual needs!

The 2020 Series Secretlab Omega features a new soft and luxurious PU leather cladding that feels much softer to the touch. Furthermore, their warranty has been increased from three years to five, showing their confidence in their product’s quality. Furthermore, there are customization options available such as team logos or movies/TV shows themes.

This new design is an incredible improvement over its predecessor, which was very rough and uncomfortable on your knees. It features an updated armrest design and seat that is more flexible, enabling you to line up arms for various neats. Furthermore, its swivel function makes moving around while playing games much simpler.

Remember, the OMEGA was designed for people between 5’3″ and 5’11”. I found it too short for myself but believe it would work great for anyone between 5’9″ and 6’7.”

This chair has an impressive weight to it, so when reclining in it you won’t feel as though it might topple over. The reinforced aluminum wheelbase can easily support your weight and the casters are built to glide across most office carpeting with ease. Unfortunately, however, its price can make this purchase prohibitive for some.

Like other Secretlab chairs, the OMEGA is simple and quick to assemble – the instructions are clear and straightforward, while armrests attach without issue – you should be done in 30 minutes!

OMEGA also comes equipped with two memory foam accessories – a headrest and formed lumbar pillow – that are removable if you prefer something spongier; I found them particularly comforting as they made sitting in this chair an unforgettable experience.


Secretlab’s Omega series chair is an ultra-versatile piece that can be used for multiple tasks. Its multi-functional tilt mechanism lets you rock and adjust seating positions to promote blood flow and oxygen to the brain, with additional comfort features like head pillows and lumbar support cushions making this gaming chair among the most comfortable available today. Clad in tough yet durable PU leather that sometimes flakes off, Secretlab has addressed this problem by developing a four times stronger version of their leather seat material cladding material – one which was released last year!

This chair offers a wide variety of designs to meet various styles and preferences, such as Esports team or special event logos or more subdued patterns for those who don’t wish to stand out too much. Plus, its seat features soft padding compared to similar gaming chairs yet provides good back support.

Secretlab offers two versions of their Omega chair; Napa leather can be added at an increased price; SoftWeave fabric provides more ventilation in hot climates while reducing heat build-up in the chair itself. Both options can be found in various colors; black and white remain especially popular options.

If you’re searching for an expensive gaming chair, the Secretlab Omega should definitely be on your shortlist. Offering exceptional comfort over long hours of use with high-grade materials and an attractive aesthetic design. Perfect for gamers as well as office workers or those spending lengthy amounts of time watching television – but also makes an ideal office chair!

The Omega isn’t cheap, but its price point isn’t unreasonable for such an expansive chair. In fact, its cost-per-feature ratio makes it less costly than many of its rivals offering similar levels of comfort and functionality; all it lacks to make a perfect score is an auto-locking mechanism to lock it into position; nonetheless it remains one of the best gaming chairs on the market today.

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