OMEGA CHaise Lounge


An unforgettable resort experience relies equally on its ambience and amenities; having the appropriate furniture in place is key to creating this atmosphere.

Omega Plastic Resin Sling Chaise adds European charm to your pool deck with its commercial-grade Omega plastic resin sling chaise, featuring an increased seat height that makes getting up and down easier for guests. Furthermore, vinyl-coated polyester sling fabric is fade-resistant as well as replaceable should repairs or refurbishments be necessary.


Comfort is at the core of this chaise lounge’s design, featuring multiple reclining positions and adjustable backrests to find your ideal lounging spot. Crafted with high-grade resin construction and fade-resistant slings for optimal relaxation and comfort. Perfect for poolside use as well, thanks to chlorine/salt resistance. Versatile enough for modern or traditional interiors alike; beautiful forms make an eye-catching focal point in any room! Made in Italy outdoor furniture also safe.

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