Italian Chaise Lounge


Designed to add both comfort and style, the chaise lounge chair makes an attractive furnishing. Ideal for small living spaces where space may be limited for an additional sofa, this piece makes an excellent addition.

Modern Italian chaise lounges make an eye-catching statement piece, featuring stress resistant undeformable double density polyurethane foam padding and premium upholstery options in many fabrics and colors.


Modern Italian chaise lounges feature eye-catching forms that make an eye-catching addition to any room. Their eye-catching forms can add elegance or serve as statement pieces in casual settings; and some models even convert into beds for comfortable rest at the end of a long day. At IMAESTRI we carry various styles from leading contemporary Italian seating manufacturers including Giovannetti, Black Tie and Zani; with materials and designs sure to fit into any decor.

A chaise lounge is a chair specifically designed to seat one person, making it the ideal chair for relaxing or napping. Upholstered in luxurious fabrics that provide optimal comfort, its long back rail curving like an snake’s spine gives it its unique name and shape; making this piece of furniture an eye-catching focal point in any room and pairing well with other furniture for balanced design.

Chaise lounges can add both style and elegance to a space, especially in smaller rooms where there isn’t enough room for a sofa. Pair one with a cocktail table or other decorative pieces to complete the design, or place one in a corner with other furniture to make the room seem larger and more open.

The term chaise lounge comes from French word for “fainting couch,” which was popular during Victorian era. Nowadays, chaise lounges can often be found in luxury homes and serve as an inviting spot to read or relax – they make ideal outdoor poolside furniture that can easily be moved between beaches or backyards!


Modern Italian Chaise Lounges are an essential component of living room design. Ideal for reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing, they come in various styles and materials including high-end Italian Leather for maximum comfort and relaxation. Perfect for families who like to lounge together – many chaises even allow users to lie down or recline for even greater relaxation!

“Chaise” translates to fainting couch, though more commonly it refers to lounge chairs. A chaise differs from a sofa in that its design facilitates sitting upright with feet on the floor whereas its purpose for use as a chaise is reclining into an half-sitting, half-reclining position.

A chaise can also offer more comfort for one person than a sofa, since its low back allows them to recline more comfortably.

Modern chaise lounges feature sleek curves and smooth lines to match contemporary interior designs, while their practical proportions are further emphasized by custom cushions. Many designs also have simple minimalist forms with neutral colors that can be customized by adding patterns or fabrics for additional customization options.

To achieve an authentic traditional aesthetic, choose a chaise with tufted fabric for an understated feel, while smooth leather offers luxuriousness and can come with either traditional or more contemporary finishes such as bronze and gold brushed finishes. There are even options that meet modern aesthetics, such as white or black hues.

Even without enough room for a full chaise lounge, your living room can still benefit from adding some additional seating with lounge chairs or footstools. These will add another seating option while keeping the space looking sleek and stylish.

Sigla Furniture offers top-quality modern chaise seating made in Los Angeles that can be custom designed with any color or fabric of your choosing. Visit us in our showroom or contact us to receive a free shipping quote and start customizing today.


Chaise lounges are pieces of furniture designed for relaxation. Their purpose can range from resting, reading or sunbathing – to simply sitting back and taking it easy in any given space. Though they can accommodate multiple people simultaneously, chaise lounges tend to be designed specifically for one individual in more spacious interior environments.

Elegant chaise lounges make an excellent complement to Baroque, Rococo or Provencal-inspired interiors – as well as more contemporary designed spaces – due to their timeless form and luxurious decorations that add an air of grandeur and sophistication.

Lounge has become more and more prevalent across the US due to folk etymology; an approach where an unfamiliar word takes on the shape of one that is already understood.


A chaise lounge, literally translated, means “long chair.” This luxurious piece of upholstered furniture adds classic French charm to any living space while working well with more minimal designs for contemporary spaces. There are numerous styles available so that you can find one to fit perfectly with both your home and personal preferences.

Italian leather chaise lounges from our selection can meet both comfort and style needs for the home, adding beauty and functionality. As many pieces can also function as sofas or sectionals, there are multiple choices when designing the space that will enable you to find what fits best in terms of living room layout, office decor or den decor.

For those who appreciate more traditional styles, our Italian LC4 Daybed comes in one size and is an iconic piece of furniture in its own right. Crafted out of chrome-plated steel frames with leather or fabric upholstery options available to customize this elegant piece. Guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it.

If you’re in search of a contemporary Italian sofa, we offer an impressive selection of top-grain Italian leather pieces from different brands. These exquisite Italian leather sofas boast sophisticated designs and superb craftsmanship; plus you can even tailor some designs specifically to meet your individual needs and preferences – for instance the Divani Casa Dexter white Italian leather sofa can be configured as either a standard sofa, sectional, or chaise lounge!

Italian chaise lounges can be found in classic French styles that will complement any living space designed in glamour, court, or Provencal styles. In addition, they can make an excellent accent piece in modern rooms if chosen in less elaborate models with elegant decorations and dignified appearance.

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