NARDI Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges add style and elegance to any room they grace, from glamourous court settings, Provencal country homes or vintage interiors. Classic models of chaise lounges are dignified yet majestic in appearance; offering decorative ornaments and majestic beauty; perfect for glamour, court, Provencal country home interiors or vintage designs.

Modern designs often emphasize straight lines and symmetry. Materials used include weather-proof polypropylene or aluminum for their long lasting weatherproof qualities.


NARDI Lounge Chair is constructed of polypropylene, an eco-friendly and recyclable commercial grade material. This tubular resin stackable lounge chair boasts an adjustable four position backrest for space saving stackable design as well as multiple frame and fabric color combinations available to customize its aesthetic appeal. Ideal for contemporary hotels, beach resorts and diners.

Nardi plastic resins are eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% recyclable materials with excellent strength/weight ratio and corrosion protection properties.


Elegant and dignified chaise lounges adorned with lavish decor make a striking statement in any classic interior, yet can also complement modern designed spaces featuring glamour, Baroque, Provencal or vintage themes.

Nardi plastic resin stackable chairs are poolside art perfect for luxury hotels and resorts. Their sophisticated manufacturing and Italian-inspired design come together to produce durable outdoor furniture made with aluminum or polypropylene that features many frame/fabric color combinations to fit your aesthetic – not to mention they’re non-toxic, recyclable products made in Chiampo Italy at wholesale prices with quantity discounts available upon request.


No matter if you prefer lounging in the sun or sitting up straight while reading a book, this chaise offers something for you. The backrest can be adjusted according to your comfort requirements and also comes equipped with a foot rest – making it the ideal way to lounge. One of my clients transformed their small balcony into a chic relaxation haven by adding several Nardi Alfa Chaises; and they couldn’t stop talking about how comfortable they were!

This chaise offers both comfort and easy care; all it requires to keep it looking brand new is a quick wipe down and quick dry with cloth or dry-cleaner. Made of resin-coated sling fabric for increased longevity. Furthermore, its stackable design makes storage even simpler!

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