The Nardi Omega – Chaise/Sunlounger by Nardi

The Nardi Omega Sun Lounger is a commercial grade resin sun lounger designed for commercial use that is comfortable and durable. Its tubular frame is produced using presswork technology which produces closed shapes for increased strength and ease of cleaning, plus stackable for quick sanitization.

Nardi creates stylish Italian furniture suitable for hotel pools, resorts and beaches. Their collections include Komodo modular upholstered seating systems and Folio chairs featuring their distinctive rounded silhouette.


Nardi Omega Chaise/Sunlounger’s elegant Italian designs make it more than stylish; they’re also comfortable to use. Crafted from polypropylene with UV additives and covered with stain-resistant and breathable sling fabric for ultimate comfort, its back rest can be adjusted up to four positions for optimal relaxation – making these stackable chairs suitable for hotels or resorts.

NARDI OMEGA specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing plastic resin commercial furniture for hospitality and institutional markets. Their exceptional history includes innovative components along with technologies, as well as commitments to quality at every step of production.

This company pays meticulous attention to every detail in every design they create, crafting products that are both stylish and functional. Their dedication to quality has put them at the forefront of their industry and earned them numerous prestigious international design awards. Their production process utilizes fully Made in Italy materials; durability is ensured through durable finishes that resist ice, rain, snowfall and sunlight exposure so your furniture will always look beautiful for years to come.


Nardi offers an assortment of comfortable lounge areas around your pool, modular seating sets designed for dining al fresco or ways to define separate outdoor areas in an open backyard – and much more besides. Their resin-based furniture is specially constructed to withstand swimming pool water, salt air and harsh sunlight – making it suitable both residential and commercial use.

Each piece is handcrafted to meet the highest standards of quality and design, using cutting-edge content and production standards to craft their stunning products. Their innovative rounded structure takes its inspiration from tree branches for an ergonomic sitting experience; additionally, this breathable furniture keeps you cool even during hot summer days.

Additionally, this manufacturer demonstrates respect for environmental surroundings by employing low energy production processes which produce no emissions and prioritising reduction, reuse and recycling of all other materials. They do not use topical treatments which could peel off and pollute groundwater tables.

These pieces of furniture differ greatly from traditional pieces in that they are durable, long-term pieces designed to withstand daily usage. Furthermore, they’re stackable for convenient sanitization, can easily transform configurations, are resistant to atmospheric pollutants and easily stored away during winter storage; plus their design emphasizes comfort for multiple body sizes and value for money for customers.


Nardi furniture is designed with sustainability at heart. Their polypropylene resin is color separated and never mixed with other materials, while production waste is recycled to ensure 100% recyclability. Furthermore, Nardi products feature breathable synthetic fabric which dries quickly while resisting mildew growth, making it easy to sanitize making them an excellent option for commercial settings.

The company strives to offer luxurious outdoor furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, earning numerous international accolades such as the Green Good Design award. All their products are manufactured in Italy using a fully Made-In-Italy production chain; prioritizing sturdiness and durability while being fully modular/extendable so as to fit seamlessly into different settings.

One of their most coveted pieces, the Omega lounge is perfect for poolside lounging. Constructed of either white Compare Nardi Resin Omega Chaise Lounger or beige polypropylene with UV additives and coated with fade- and mold-resistant fabric sling fabric, its tubular frame features four back positions that can be easily adjusted as well as stack-able storage for easy transport and convenient use.

Nardi furniture is created with environmental sustainability in mind, from using recycled materials and solar power production facilities, to hybrid injection molding machines that save energy and reduce electricity use. Through their commitment to sustainability, Nardi has earned itself a place among one of the leading eco-friendly producers of contemporary outdoor furniture.

Nardi furniture is designed with sustainability in mind, including their latest collection of stools and tables known as the Stack and Combo collections. Their products can be recycled again along with aluminum and synthetic fabric – perfect for outdoor spaces! Their products are easy to sanitize while remaining beautiful – an indispensable addition for any outdoor living area!

Nardi’s Komodo collection boasts a distinctive rounded structure inspired by tree branches. This modular and upholstered furniture system can be combined for versatile yet stylish living, thanks to its patent design and unique material blend which have garnered multiple international accolades including the Green Good Design award as well as receiving the highest possible rating from Green Building Council of America.


Nardi designs its products with environmental sustainability in mind, paying particular attention to ergonomics and weather resistance. Furthermore, their production chain uses 100% Made-in-Italy materials such as Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and hybrid injection machines which help conserve energy.

Their polypropylene is color separated and never mixed with other materials, while all production waste is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, this company is fully committed to minimizing its environmental footprint, which was recognized with a Green Good Design Award.

Pool Furniture Supply is proud to carry the Nardi outdoor furniture collection, an extremely sturdy and easy-to-sanitize solution ideal for commercial settings. Find your favorite pieces now, then relax comfortably on a chic chaise longue or modular sectional knowing you are supporting an ethical company!

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