Galtech Umbrella Review


Galtech umbrellas boast state-of-the-art materials and technologies, such as Suncrylic fabric that protects against UV rays. In addition, their aluminum umbrellas come equipped with stainless steel cables and patented auto tilt mechanisms.

They offer various choices of umbrella bases, from European styles powder coated in antique bronze and white for a clean look to steel plate bases in black to prevent rusting. In addition, there is a selection of sizes and styles designed to fit all kinds of patio furniture.

Wooden Frame

Galtech has been producing umbrellas for over two decades with a focus on customer service. Their products are built to be enjoyed year after year, in a wide variety of styles and patterns; some designed specifically for smaller patio sets while others larger outdoor spaces. Furthermore, Galtech offers several bases designed for each umbrella model; these include European bases for an aged charm look; steel plate bases that create sleek surfaces; as well as durable cast aluminum bases to offer style and longevity.

GALTECH Umbrella‘s wooden frames are handcrafted from tropical hardwood sourced from Indonesia and coated with six layers of marine grade varnish to prevent rot or insect damage to its wood fibers. Popular for both commercial and residential use alike, their stylish design complements any decor and provides shade in high winds thanks to stainless steel cable hooks securing it to the ground.

Galtech provides an assortment of designs and colors for its wood frame umbrellas, ranging from the classic octagonal style suitable for residential use to more contemporary models suited for resort settings. Each umbrella is durable enough to withstand rain, hail, or windy conditions and comes equipped with an easy opening/closing stainless steel lift system for quick opening/closing action.

Galtech Umbrellas offer a diverse array of colors, shapes, and designs as well as bases with built-in lights to illuminate their umbrellas when night falls. Their base selection comes in various sizes to complement the color of your patio furniture while some even come equipped with lights specifically for nighttime illumination!

Galtech umbrellas feature removable fabric canopies with zippered covers that can be flipped down when not in use to provide shade from sunlight or rain. Made from fade-resistant fabrics such as Sunbrella fabric – one of the highest-grade outdoor materials on the market – these durable canopies provide up to four times longer shade for less money spent than cheaper models.

Aluminum Frame

Galtech International of California specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality patio umbrellas that combine beauty and function for any outdoor setting. Their products feature aluminum and wooden construction for durability as well as special features to withstand high winds – their wooden poles feature six layers of marine varnish to give a fresh, glossy finish and keep their vibrant appearance.

Galtech umbrellas offer an easy solution to opening and closing patio umbrellas, thanks to their crank lift mechanism that lets users open or close them all in one motion. Furthermore, their tilt function enables users to customize shade levels as necessary; meaning more or less sun may enter through as necessary.

Galtech umbrellas feature an elegant combination of curved frames and double-walled aluminum ribs for maximum strength and aesthetics. Their unique design makes them an excellent choice for commercial and residential settings alike; and with various colors and fabrics to match any decor perfectly.

Patioshoppers has you covered for all your Galtech patio umbrella needs – be they large enough to cover a dining table or small enough to adorn a chaise lounge – whether large or small! Not only can we offer a selection of sizes and color choices, we also carry Galtech accessories and bases like steel cast aluminum bases which work with every Galtech umbrella we sell, or European rustic and crisp white bases depending on your preferred style preferences.

Galtech umbrellas feature an aluminum frame with an attractive modern style that complements most outdoor furniture. Built to withstand windy and rainy conditions, making them an excellent choice for commercial and residential applications alike. Their affordable pricing make them even more desirable; plus their durability means that these umbrellas should last longer – some models even include an additional warranty covering frame and fabric up to one year!

Sunbrella Fabric

Galtech pool umbrellas are constructed using premium quality materials and innovative features, along with stylish options to provide shade from the heat. Their products combine style and substance; with wooden or aluminum frames combined with Sunbrella fabric that repels water, mildew, mildew spores and UV rays – offering reliable protection from sunlight!

Many of the company’s umbrella models come in various sizes, shapes and colors to meet your exacting specifications. Plus, they’re compatible with various bases and poles so you can personalize your shade solution to suit both furniture and aesthetic preferences. Built to withstand weather elements with some models offering lifetime warranties on frames and parts!

Galtech patio umbrellas boast sleek contemporary designs that make them suitable for daily use in commercial environments. Their 8′ Square Commercial Umbrella is an excellent choice for restaurants and other public places; its durable Sunbrella fabric protects against harsh sunlight rays. Furthermore, their Cafe and Bistro series includes octagon-shaped umbrellas with various lift methods and shade fabrics to choose from.

Choose an umbrella to create an inviting outdoor retreat by selecting one from Galtech’s selection. Aside from offering shade, Galtech umbrellas can also serve as decorative pieces that add visual interest to any garden or pool area. They are perfect for placing at the center of a patio to cover maximum coverage, or can easily pair with coffee tables and other pieces of outdoor furniture for additional visual impact.

Sunbrella fabric umbrellas may cause some consumer confusion, so it is vital that they have an understanding of its features. Sunbrella is manufactured by Glen Raven Mills and widely recognized as one of the premier outdoor fabrics available today. Sunbrella’s construction uses acrylic fibers woven together for an end product which is fade-resistant and easily cleaned using soap and water for cleaning purposes.

Tilt Mechanism

With its innovative auto-tilt mechanism and LED lights, Galtech umbrella is an excellent addition to any establishment. Featuring large dimensions and durable construction, its large shade area will cover multiple patrons simultaneously. Available in various colors for customization to your space needs, it makes this Galtech umbrella the ideal choice.

Galtech umbrellas feature traditional wood frames or cutting-edge aluminum designs for any of your needs, with stainless steel cables, patented tilt mechanisms and marine grade varnish applied over six layers to molded resin ribs for durability and six layers of marine grade varnish applied over six layers of marine grade varnish ribs – with several fabrics such as Sunbrella available to suit every budget and taste.

When selecting a patio umbrella, the fabric color and protective capabilities should be of equal importance. Sunbrella fabrics have been known to offer up to 98% UV protection depending on its depth of color; lighter-colored Sunbrellas offer less UV protection but still look appealing.

The Galtech 737 Deluxe Auto Tilt Market Umbrella is an excellent option for medium-sized patios, decks, balconies and courtyards in residential settings. Available in eight stunning finishes and with various quality fabrics including Sunbrella material. Featuring an automatic tilt mechanism enabling it to tilt up to 30 degrees with easy crank lift operation for smooth operation, the Galtech 737 features 8 beautiful finishes to choose from and comes equipped with its own crank lift mechanism for seamless operation.

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