Secretlab Omega Chair Review


Secretlab’s OMEGA gaming chair stands out from its competition by taking a more subdued and restrained approach, more closely resembling home office seating than racing-inspired models.

The heavy build of this chair provides it with stability when fully reclined and provides many adjustment options, making it suitable for people under 5’11”. If you are taller than this height, we suggest the TITAN series instead.


Secretlab’s Omega series gaming chair provides unparalleled comfort, and their 2020 version has recently been upgraded with improved materials, an adjustable footrest, and a reclining range up to 165 degrees – making this chair worth every penny in our opinion! Despite having a higher price point.

The seat of this chair features a cold-cure foam mixture that feels both soft and firm when touched, wrapped in fine PU leather that stays cool even during warmer temperatures, unlike many other PU chairs I’ve experienced. Furthermore, its plush lumbar pillow makes for great back support while its headrest can be adjusted four directions for perfect posture adjustment.

Headrest and lumbar pillow can both be removed if they’re no longer desired; however, memory foam accessories make your seat even more comfortable than it already is.

Like most gaming chairs, the Omega can be difficult to set up initially, but once everything is in its proper place it becomes much simpler. The seat has a slight incline which helps promote healthy blood flow and reduce stress on your back; its side bolsters provide support for your thighs when sitting for long periods.

This chair’s only real downside is its moderately heavy build; as such, you may find yourself struggling to rock back and forth as easily as with other chairs. But thanks to its reinforced aluminum base, which provides plenty of stability for preventing tipping over.

Secretlab provides a three-year warranty by default, but can extend it up to five years at no cost. They include tools and instructions for assembly that typically takes around 30 minutes; as it’s heavy and awkward to lift, it may help having someone assist when transporting it around your home; especially if taking it upstairs.


Omega features generous padding and quality leather covering throughout, providing long periods of sitting comfort. This makes the Omega an excellent choice for people who spend most of their time sitting still.

This material feels incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin, helping keep you cool during warmer climates. This feature can be especially advantageous to gamers in hotter areas who do not wish to ruin the aesthetic of their gaming chairs with sweat marks from prolonged sitting sessions.

Leather has also proven resistant to abrasion and four times stronger than the previous Titan model, making it a reliable material that stands up well over time and is easy to keep clean.

Another excellent aspect of the back is its ridged edges that force you to tuck your hips in for excellent posture support. This method is much more effective in providing spine protection than spreading legs out in front of you, which offers less powerful support and may actually increase discomfort levels.

Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow for Omega 2020 series This pillow allows you to customize how much pressure is placed on your lower back by shifting up or down, making it the ideal addition for gamers of any kind.

The Omega can tilt in almost any direction you desire, giving you more options for sitting upright or lying back and relaxing for a nap. This feature marks a marked improvement over its predecessor – Titan – which allowed only for limited tilt positions.

The Omega is available in an extensive selection of colors and materials, from NAPA leather (doubling its cost) to Softweave fabric for those who don’t enjoy its feel. Secretlab stands by their product with a 5-year warranty to ensure maximum comfort over time; making this seat well worth its price.


The 4D armrests on this chair can be adjusted in four dimensions – up and down, left and right. This provides more adjustment options than those offered on Titan models and plays an extremely significant role when it comes to gaming chairs as the position of your armrests can make or break your comfort levels in this chair.

Not only has the design of armrests been enhanced; their actual fittings have also undergone modifications that make them look better and feel smoother when adjusting. Now made out of metal instead of plastic and polished aluminum finish they feature more polished look – great addition to their polished aluminum appearance that gives it great look too. They can now also be adjusted forward/back and up/down 7 cm using easy metal levers designed to give users complete control over their position.

Another key change on the 2020 series is upgraded padding. While Titan has a stiff cushion that may be uncomfortable for some users, Omega feels much softer and luxurious due to Secretlab’s Cold Cure foam which may sound like marketing buzzword but actually provides a very comfortable seat. Secretlab uses their Cold Cure foam technology which involves applying a tough layer of foam over each piece to form what is known as “foam skins,” creating resilient cushions with less compressibility loss – helping create firm yet comfortable seating experiences without being too hard or soft!

There is also an adjustable lumbar pillow built into this chair which can be tailored to your size, a major upgrade from Titan’s version, as it conforms to your spine’s natural curve and fits perfectly when sitting for long periods. This feature makes sitting more comfortable – something rarely seen among gaming chairs!

On top of all this is a class 4 hydraulic piston and lever underneath the seat base that allows you to recline your backrest from 80-degrees up to 165-degrees, providing an ideal way to relax while playing games or watching movies and TV shows.


In addition to a seat and backrest, this chair also comes equipped with adjustable legs. Crafted of black metal with height adjustment capabilities and rubber feet that prevent sliding on hard surfaces. Plus, high-grade materials make up its sturdy casters – which even handle office carpet without slipperiness!

This gaming chair’s legs have been carefully constructed to fit comfortably at varying desk heights. They boast a wide base for stability and sturdy support, along with a locking mechanism to help keep you securely in place during work or gaming sessions.

This chair provides you with all the support and comfort required for long gaming sessions. Its generously padded foam seat is covered with leather for breathability during games and to resist sweat marks. Unfortunately, its side bolsters limit legroom so this chair cannot accommodate anyone 6’1″ or taller.

Another excellent feature of this gaming chair is its adjustable lumbar support. You can easily tailor its position so it aligns perfectly with your spine, helping prevent neck or back pain.

This chair offers sturdy and long-term lumbar support. Ideal for anyone seeking a long-lasting ergonomic solution.

This chair boasts an elegant design that will look fantastic in your home gaming setup. It is sleek and simple, perfect for most decor styles. Adding some fun details like 2020 branding or the etched logos adds extra style. While other chairs may find these features overbearing or distracting, this one does the trick beautifully.

Secretlab has designed this chair specifically with gamers in mind and it makes an excellent addition to anyone looking to enhance their gaming experience. Both Omega and Titan series chairs offer comfort while gaming.

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