Italian Chaise Lounge Chair


Italian designer chaise lounge chair. Featuring its striking round shape and long chrome legs, this premium piece of furniture makes a statement. Choose your fabric or leather upholstery finish.

Chaise lounges provide modern-day versions of fainting couches. These relaxing seats allow users to lounge comfortably in an intermediate sitting/reclining position, similar to when fainting couches were first popularised in Europe. Their name derives from French chaise longue – meaning a long chair – while English language speakers shortened this term around 1800 into chaise lounge.

Malpensa Airport VIP Lounges

Malpensa Airport lounges provide a tranquil retreat before your flight. Equipped with comfortable seating and amenities such as free wifi, TVs, magazines and snacks. Plus they feature soft and alcoholic drinks – even chaise longues to allow for some restful napping time before take-off!

VIP Lounge entries can be purchased online for less, which makes entering them much simpler and cheaper than purchasing them directly at the lounge itself. Once purchased, an e-ticket will be generated upon payment that can be printed or saved onto your phone to gain entry to the lounge – plus this e-ticket will also be attached to your payment receipt that will arrive via email.

Entering the Lounge, you will notice a brilliant white counter designed by Kitzig Design Studios using HIMACS Alpine White that stands in the centre of this bright space. Its large L-shape offers floor to ceiling windows which make the area seem airy and spacious, and its mustard seats with gold edges add an Arabic atmosphere.

There were a few chairs and tables strewn around the space, but otherwise it is an unassuming space with minimal furnishings. Food selection was extremely limited – mostly tiny foods packaged or served in plastic wrappers; and wine offerings for an Italian airport lounge were similarly lacking, offering only two bottles of red and one of white, sparkling wine, non-craft beer options, etc.

The Sala Pergolesi contract lounge is used by multiple airlines and may be hard to avoid; however, its inferior service means the Emirates Lounge at MXP is far superior; you’ll find it airside past security at South Satellite building; though out-of-the-way for travel departing from Schengen area of terminal.

Bolton Chaise Lounge

Perfect for any environment, the Bolton sofa comes equipped with a mechanism enabling the headrest to be adjusted in various positions for ultimate comfort and ergonomic support. Intricate final versions were studied carefully to provide variety. Leather and fabric options are also available with expert upholsterers creating this timeless design masterpiece.

Download the Bolton sofa configuration sheet, view fabric options available from Nicoline Italia, read reviews about their sofas, and learn about any FAQs here.

Segno Chaise Lounge

Italian designer Segno created an inviting and comfortable sofa lounge that features clean lines with soft curves for increased softness. Right angles alternate with curves for an engaging appearance and overall soft feel.

Its padded chaise longue is covered with SEGNO quilted leather. The base consists of a wooden structure covered in polyurethane foam for padding, with high-end fabric or leather upholstery covering it; metal feet featuring bronze, brass or titanium metallic finishes complete its appeal.

Nuvola sofa, designed specifically to suit small living rooms and relaxation spaces in conservatories. Furthermore, Adone modular sofa can comfortably seat more than 10 people at any one time.

Its upholstery base is composed of non-deformable polyurethane foam, while its back cushions feature feather filling layered with polyurethane insert (Reflex patent) with two lift layers of differing bearing capacity to provide two distinct comfort levels.

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