NARDI CHAISE – Eco-Friendly and Stylish

No matter the occasion, NARDI CHAISE offers eco-friendly furniture to furnish tropical resorts or commercial pool decks – its comfortable styles offer maximum impact for minimal expense.

Furniture produced by this company is constructed from high-grade resin material that’s easy to clean, resistant to both water and sun damage and covered by a two-year warranty.


Interested in outdoor furniture? Take a look at Nardi chaise lounges from Italy; these chairs are made of recyclable materials and offer great environmental benefits, along with being lightweight, durable and easy to maintain. Additionally, their wide variety of colors and designs makes them suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Company for over three decades and has won multiple international awards. Their design philosophy incorporates innovative technology with stunning aesthetics. Their designs have garnered them many prestigious honors such as Adi Design Index Award, Red Dot Award and Green Good Design Award.

Nardi’s resin furniture uses an air injection process that produces no emissions and reduces energy costs, making the company a leader in sustainability and an eco-friendly option for luxury outdoor seating. Their chairs are constructed using recycled polypropylene material which is durable yet non-toxic – perfect for weatherproof hotels and glamping sites!

Nardi furniture is made with polypropylene that comes from local factories and processed without harming the environment. Nardi’s plants run on solar energy and their supply chain is short and sustainable. All waste produced during production is recycled while cardboard packaging can be reclaimed; in addition, all products sold by Nardi are guaranteed safe for children and pets.

Nardi offers one of the most eco-friendly pieces of furniture: their Komodo Module sofa is made from UV-resistant fibreglass polypropylene that is 100% recyclable and sustainably produced. They also use air injection, a process which eliminates harmful chemicals while decreasing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as offering a recycling program for packaging waste.

Nardi furniture is an ideal solution for both homes and commercial spaces due to its lightweight nature and ease of cleaning. With sleek Italian designs that are both attractive and comfortable, its chairs can easily mix-and-match for an eclectic aesthetic. Furthermore, Nardi also provides sofas and lounges.


Nardi Furniture Company in Italy prides themselves on crafting products that are both comfortable and ergonomic, offering a range of styles, shapes and colours to meet the preferences of its customers. Their team of experts can assist in selecting the perfect piece for any space while offering two year warranties on all their products.

Furniture from this company is easy to maintain, featuring recycled materials that are safe for the environment and using air injection molding which reduces energy costs while producing no emissions. Their products are also designed for maximum durability while being resistant to UV rays while being lightweight enough for effortless transportation.

Nardi’s commercial pool and patio furniture is constructed of high-grade recyclable polypropylene resin material that is non-toxic and weather-resistant, perfect for tropical settings. Their outdoor chaise lounges are comfortable yet durable, featuring adjustable backrest positions as well as stackability to save storage space. In addition, their outdoor sling chaise lounge comes in multiple colors for tropical environments.


Nardi is a designer furniture company known for creating high-quality outdoor leisure furniture made of recycled materials. Their products are versatile and long-lasting – an excellent addition to homes or commercial properties alike – offering various colors and styles for you to select. Plus, Nardi furniture is easily maintained and cleaned.

This company practices eco-friendly production chains by employing air injection molding technology for making their pieces, which reduces plastic usage and waste. They use an eco-friendly coating process which is free from harmful chemicals for their furniture coatings; additionally they utilize UV treatments to shield their products from sunlight as well as batch dyeing fabric – their innovative designs have earned international acclaim, including being honored with a Green Good Design award.

Nardi was established in Vicenza, Italy by Raffaello Galiotto in 1990. As one of the leading manufacturers of designer resin furniture worldwide, Nardi boasts one of the best reputations worldwide for both distinctive styling and outstanding resistance and durability in its collections – each produced exclusively through an Italian production chain.

Polypropylene resin, which is recyclable and resistant to salt environments, makes up the bulk of our designs. Furthermore, this lightweight material is easy to maintain with an antistatic surface for hassle-free maintenance as well as easy transport and assembly.

Nardi goes beyond eco-friendly manufacturing processes by employing multiple other eco-friendly practices in their production. They utilize solar power for their factory operations and have implemented a system for returning used pallets. Furthermore, Nardi leads in UV stabiliser use in its products which means that their pieces resist sun discoloration twice as long compared to similar retail-level plastic furniture products.

The company offers products designed specifically to fit both residential and commercial settings, which have been showcased around the globe. Their collections can also be easily modified to meet unique customer requirements.


Those searching for eco-friendly outdoor lounge chairs that combine durability and style should consider investing in a Nardi resin chaise lounge. Made by innovative Italian brand Nardi from recycled materials that are safe for the environment and manufactured using air injection technology to reduce energy costs while eliminating toxic gases, and durable yet low maintenance and lightweight materials makes Nardi an eco-friendly and stylish solution.

All furniture manufactured in Italy offers high levels of quality. Choose from a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes that suit any decor – perfect for commercial spaces as well as residential usage.

This Italian company has been in business for three decades and is widely known for the quality and design of their products. They have won multiple awards including the Green Good Design Award. These pieces are constructed using recycled plastic and aluminum with anti-UV protection treatment and come with two year manufacturer warranties.

Nardi resin furniture is ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Inspired by nature’s elements, its designs feature rugged matte surfaces for an organic aesthetic and easy cleaning – making them great additions to outdoor settings. Furthermore, each piece is constructed using special polypropylene that is eco-friendly and non-toxic – all elements necessary for long term success in any environment.

These collections represent their commitment to sustainability in an admirable way. Designed by Raffaello Galiotto and featuring linear designs inspired by strips of wood, these recycled plastic pieces come in Terra color to represent our connection with nature while considering environmental concerns. Manufactured in Chiampo, Italy and recyclable at the end of their life cycles – no waste generated!

Furniture from this company is lightweight, versatile and easily stackable for storage purposes. Additionally, its durable yet easy maintenance makes it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces alike – it can even withstand hot or cold temperatures! Easily cleaned using damp cloth or sponge; plus it resists water, mould and fungus growth!

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