Nardi Omega Chaise Lounge

Nardi offers high quality Italian designs in their stunning outdoor resin & polypropylene furniture for homes & commercial spaces alike, featuring sleek Italian styles that stand up against pool water, salt air, and harsh sunlight. Their designs can withstand pool water use as well as pool chemicals & harsh sunlight conditions – making these pieces the ideal additions for all environments!

Their production chain is 100% Italian, and uses hybrid injection machines to conserve energy. All their polypropylene resin is color separated and recycled; additionally, there is an established system for collecting and recycling production waste.


This resort quality chaise lounge is an essential component of any outdoor pool area. Boasting a white frame with breathable sling fabric and used by five star resorts worldwide, its cushion requires no filling while the fabric dries quickly without sticking to bare skin – perfect for stacking design storage! Additionally, an increased seat height provides more comfort while its non-sagging PVC coated polyester sling is durable yet replaceable; tubular polypropylene resin frame features uniform color injection for uniform durability; all backed by globally recognized two year commercial warranties!

Nardi brand specializes in crafting high-design outdoor furniture. Their production line integrates cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to secure multiple international awards for excellence. Based in Vicenza, Italy, their company believes that furniture should provide comfort and relaxation, using an entirely Made-in-Italy production process for maximum quality and durability.

Sustainability has inspired them to experiment with new materials and produce products that are both innovative and economical. Grosfillex resin chairs boast UV resistance twice that of retail-level plastic furniture for an added layer of protection against discoloration from sunlight exposure.


Nardi’s contract furniture features a patented sling fabric designed for breathability and high comfort, as well as water drainage through it if wet; making it the perfect material choice for poolside loungers, beach chairs and other outdoor pool furniture.

Sling fabric offers several other advantages over commercial-grade plastics: its durability is ensured with its high thread count and resistance to UV rays; as a result, its aesthetic will not fade in direct sunlight and it can last much longer before needing replacing or cleaning and sanitization – perfect for outdoor use!

Additionally, the materials in the sling are eco-friendly – composed entirely of recycled material that’s free from chemicals – while manufacturing techniques used by the company employ nontoxic practices with a short supply chain that are beneficial to the planet.

Furthermore, the company utilizes high-grade polypropylene with UV additives that helps it resist sun discoloration, making the material more durable to wear and impact resistance than traditional retail-level plastics. Furthermore, its lightweight composition allows it to easily fit various needs.


Nardi is an Italian company specializing in producing high-design outdoor furniture. Their products are constructed using eco-friendly recycled polypropylene resin that has a low carbon footprint, and hybrid injection moulding machines to minimize energy usage – qualities which have helped make them one of the most sustainable companies in their industry – winning multiple awards and recognition for this commitment.

The company prides itself on creating pieces that are both ergonomic and beautiful, working closely with customers to find designs tailored specifically to their space and lifestyle. Their designers work closely with every client in order to find designs which enhance both relaxation and enjoyment of outdoor spaces – an ethos which has earned them numerous international awards such as the Green Good Design Award.

All their furniture is manufactured in Chiampo, Italy and designed to be sturdy yet comfortable for commercial use. There’s also a selection of colors and designs that makes finding something perfect easy – plus the two-year warranty keeps things running smoothly!

Nardi’s plastic resin patio chairs and loungers stand out as truly eco-friendly pieces of outdoor furniture, featuring production processes that are energy and resource efficient as well as being fully recyclable. Furthermore, their lightweight frames require minimal resources to produce. Furthermore, Nardi uses a system to reuse water in manufacturing to save both energy and money in their manufacturing process.

Nardi was established in 1990 as an innovative Italian manufacturer. They specialize in providing contract-grade outdoor furniture to hospitality and commercial spaces using top quality materials, with stylish pieces made of polypropylene resin which can withstand weather extremes while remaining eco-friendly and offering various finishes to choose from.


Nardi brand outdoor furniture stands out as an industry leader when it comes to designing and producing outdoor pieces, combining high-design elements with sustainable practices and craftsmanship to produce pieces suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Established in 1990 in Vicenza, Italy, this company specializes in contemporary chairs and lounges for indoor and outdoor use. Their products feature high-quality materials to produce fashionable yet comfortable pieces; working closely with world-renowned designers ensures innovative yet practical products.

The brand’s dedication to sustainability can be seen through their use of eco-friendly materials in crafting outdoor furniture. Their projects include using polypropylene and aluminum. Their latest project, Komodo modular upholstered seating system features an eye-catching tree branch inspired design for an unifying seating arrangement – earning international awards like Green Good Design Award along the way.

Nardi Omega chaise sunlounger offers both commercial pool lounge seating and elegant outdoor sofa capabilities, making it an excellent addition to poolside areas, resorts and hotels alike. Featuring its undulating shape for comfort and elegance while being manufactured using presswork technology for greater strength; additionally its cover made from breathable synthetic fabric can easily be removed for cleaning while its stack-ability enables its storage when not in use.

These outdoor resin chaise lounges are constructed to withstand swimming pool water, salt air and intense sunlight. Their UV additives offer additional protection from discoloration and fading, making these chairs the ideal addition to patios and pools alike.

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