MARKET Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas are designed to protect vendors, market stands and food carts as well as their merchandise from the harsh sun. Usually octagonal in shape with either wood or metal poles that feature weighted bases at the base, market umbrellas provide sun protection and help vendors remain open during trading hours.

Patio umbrellas may be useful in various outdoor settings, but their durability often does not measure up to that of market umbrellas.


Market umbrellas were initially created to shield marketplace vendors such as those operating farm stands or food carts from harsh sunlight, rain, and snow. Therefore, these durable umbrellas typically featured a straight wood or metal pole running through the center of their fabric shade which connected it to their weighted base – although originally they typically came in an octagonal design; today there are also square and rectangular models.

Since their introduction, these umbrellas have become a fixture in cafes, restaurants, commercial and residential patios, craft fairs and other retail spaces – becoming indistinguishable from patio umbrellas when it comes to functionality and construction.

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Market umbrellas were first created to shield food cart vendors and farm stands from the harsh sunrays. Heavy-duty umbrellas feature a symmetrical design featuring a straight wood or metal pole running up through the center of a fabric shade and joining at its bottom into a weighted base. Commonly found octagonal in shape but sometimes square or rectangular as well, these shade solutions typically boast UV-resistant fabrics. Galtech provides durable fabrics like Suncrylic and Pacifica that are solution dyed, fade-resistant fabrics designed for market umbrellas. Both these premium materials offer high levels of performance with both aluminum and fiberglass frames to provide reliable umbrella shade – complementing teak outdoor furniture as well as other outdoor woven pieces beautifully.


Market umbrellas are large stationary shade structures mounted onto stands or bases and equipped with straight wood poles extending through their middle canopy – which may be octagonal, square, rectangular or any other shape – for protection from weather elements and summer sun. Originally, market umbrellas were intended to shield merchants and their customers from direct sunlight during marketplace transactions; now these heavy-duty shade structures can often be found at farmer’s markets, food vendor booths, craft fairs, book and art shows, outdoor dining spaces and commercial settings alike – as well as complement teak patio furniture sets!

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