Galtech Wood Market Umbrellas

Galtech designs and produces market, patio and commercial umbrellas made to stand the test of time. Each shade product boasts cutting-edge materials, mechanisms and fabrics.

This wooden market umbrella boasts an elegant aesthetic and convenient manual lift design for effortless operation. Enjoy it outdoors using fade-resistant Sunbrella or Olefin fabric to combat outdoor heat.

Product Description

Galtech 131 Wood Market Umbrellas are designed for residential or commercial use and feature classic, sophisticated style with manual lift. Made of premium light wood with long-term protection from elements and available with various fabrics such as Sunbrella. This patio umbrella provides shade for tables up to 54 inches in diameter while offering lasting shade protection from the elements.

The pole and ribs of our wood pole are constructed using first grade Indonesian hardwood that compares in strength and durability with ash wood, then treated with six coats of marine grade varnish for extra strength and resilience. Ribs are then fitted with sturdy hub and finial made of composite material which replicates real wood’s look but offers added strength; upper and lower poles are then joined together via an external screw to form a secure connection that’s sleek, secure, and tamper proof.

Galtech’s market and patio umbrellas are specifically engineered with top-of-the-line materials, mechanisms, and fabrics for superior shade products on the market. All umbrellas come with a one year warranty covering mechanical defects; damage due to wind conditions (such as broken ribs) is not covered under warranty.

Product Features

Galtech stands as one of the premier patio umbrella manufacturers. Their innovative designs feature patented tilt mechanisms and Sunbrella fabric for maximum shade coverage that resists fading, mildew, mold and water. Galtech umbrellas are durable yet versatile with multiple sizes, shapes and colors available that make them suitable for commercial establishments alike.

Galtech also provides an assortment of bases to complement its stylish and practical patio umbrellas, from European designs that blend in seamlessly with most decors to steel plate bases that give modern patio umbrellas their signature sleek appearance. Choose from European bases or steel plate bases for the best results.

Galtech umbrellas stand out from competitors due to their distinctive molded ribs and auto-tilt mechanisms, high-quality Sunbrella fabrics such as Olefin for UV protection, as well as six layers of marine grade varnish applied over wooden umbrellas to provide extra resistance against environmental hazards.

Galtech patio umbrellas stand out among their counterparts by being compatible with nearly all forms of outdoor furniture, from smaller patio sets to expansive backyards. Furthermore, these units are very easy to assemble or disassemble when required.

Galtech patio umbrellas not only offer superior coverage, but are aesthetically pleasing pieces to complete any outdoor space. Available in an array of colors – from classic stripes to solid solids – and some models even boast built-in LED lights for additional illumination at night, these umbrellas will become focal points in no time!

The Galtech Wood Market 9′ Umbrella with Manual Lift is an outstanding addition to your outdoor area, available in eight attractive finishes that easily match existing furniture. Plus, its sturdy wood frame has been treated with six layers of premium marine varnish to protect it from rust and insects – this patio umbrella will enhance both residential and commercial settings alike!

Product Warranty

Galtech Umbrella Company of Camarillo, CA offers premium quality cantilever umbrellas at reasonable prices. Their product offerings consist of wooden and aluminum frames with molded resin ribs for enhanced stability. Their umbrellas also boast innovative features such as auto-tilt mechanisms and Sunbrella fabrics to make each umbrella perfect for its surroundings. They feature various colors and sizes available to match any space perfectly.

Galtech wooden frames are constructed using premium-quality materials and covered in six layers of marine grade varnish for extra protection from rot and insects. Perfect for both residential and commercial settings alike, Galtech also provides a selection of umbrella bases so customers can find something appropriate to match any outdoor furniture – making Galtech an excellent solution when selecting outdoor furnishings to complete your space.

Galtech patio umbrellas feature state-of-the-art fabrics that resist fading, mildew and water damage. Some models even come with an extended 1-year fade resistance warranty while others are solution dyed for colorfastness. In addition, Galtech’s olefin fabric features UV inhibitors to shield it against the harsh sunrays.

Galtech provides an extensive range of fabrics for their umbrellas and styles and designs, which makes Galtech an excellent resource. Their square umbrellas are an ideal fit for resorts and restaurants due to their contemporary aesthetic and sturdy square frames that complement most outdoor furniture pieces. Furthermore, these umbrellas are simple to set up quickly providing shade from direct sunlight.

The Galtech Wood 9 Foot Round Market Umbrella offers classic style with easy operation. Crafted of first grade Indonesian hardwood – comparable to ash in terms of strength and durability – this umbrella comes in multiple colors and patterns to perfectly complement existing patio furniture, plus comes complete with its own stand – making it suitable for both commercial and residential uses alike.

Product Options

Galtech produces patio umbrellas in an assortment of sizes and shapes that allow them to perfectly complement any outdoor space. Their wood market umbrellas are handcrafted from beautiful natural wood that has been protected with layers of marine varnish for long-term weather resistance. Furthermore, Galtech also makes metal frame umbrellas that add contemporary flair to backyard designs.

Galtech’s Quick Ship Commercial 7.5′ Octagon Wood Market Umbrella (121/221) offers an easy solution for balconies and cafes alike, featuring an easy manual lift system. Simply raise or lower the runner hub, lock with pin, open or close and lock back in place! Made of first grade Indonesian hardwood comparable to ash wood in strength and durability. Plus Sunbrella fabric options provide added shade.

A more compact option is the 232 9′ Deluxe Round Dark Wood Market Umbrella, suitable for both residential and commercial applications and offering excellent shade coverage. Its 1.6” inch pole is constructed of solid wood that has been sealed with six layers of premium marine varnish; while its naturally weatherproof dark or light wood ribs come equipped with single or double wind vents.

Galtech patio umbrellas come with an exclusive one year frame and fabric warranty from the manufacturer, which covers any damage from weather-related elements as well as normal wear and tear. To make sure you get the most from your Galtech umbrella, we strongly suggest adding a compatible base designed to provide secure free standing operation while also helping prevent it from blowing away in high winds.

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