Secretlab’s OMEGA CHAIR Review


Secretlab’s Omega gaming chair should be at the top of your wishlist if comfort is top priority for you.

This versatile piece of kit can be used at your desk, in front of the television screen or simply for relaxing – even offering up to 165 degrees of recline!

Adjustable Armrests

Adjust the armrests on this chair to meet your unique needs by moving them up or down, rotating in or out, or sliding wider or narrower – essential features that help ensure long gaming sessions go without discomfort! This allows you to find an armrest position which perfectly accommodates you ensuring ultimate comfort throughout the experience.

This chair offers you full backrest adjustment capabilities, enabling you to tailor it perfectly to meet your individual needs. Rotate in or out, adjust height of headrest and ensure it perfectly aligns with your neck; another great feature which helps combat neck pain and fatigue.

This chair stands out from its competition thanks to a number of unique features that set it apart. For starters, its large seat makes it perfect for larger users and comes equipped with adjustable lumbar support that can be altered according to individual needs. Furthermore, 4D armrests are included and its headrest can also be moved up and down with ease for ultimate comfort.

The only drawback of this chair is that its assembly may be difficult; however, it’s worth the effort when considering that its ergonomics and comfort make up for any potential difficulties.

Adjustable Headrest

Omega chairs feature not only lumbar cushions, but also adjustable headrests which can be moved up and down or in and out as desired. Secured by magnets, setting your desired position is quick and effortless.

The headrest comes equipped with a memory foam cushion designed to alleviate neck pain caused by long hours spent sitting. It has been tested and approved by Singapore’s Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

The Omega chair features an easily washable cushion, making cleaning simple. Furthermore, its headrest makes the Omega more comfortable and supports good posture during gaming sessions. Furthermore, this makes the Omega an excellent chair choice for people working from home or who must sit long hours at a computer screen.

Adjustable Lumbar Pillow

OMEGA gaming chairs provide those who prefer integrated lumbar pillows the option of turning a knob to adjust its depth of support for your lumbar cushion, without needing to remove and use separately like with traditional gaming chairs. This gives you greater precision when fine-tuning lumbar support without taking it out and using it separately separately as with old school gaming chairs.

Secretlab offers several memory foam lumbar pillows, all designed for optimal support of the lower back curve and with removable and machine-washable velour covers for easy care. Their rectangular shapes fit comfortably on any backside while offering firm yet gentle pressure distribution across their dense foam cushions – just enough density for spine compression while being soft enough to mold to your lower back contours with mild pressure relief.

Lumbar support that falls too low (below the beltline) forces hips forward and fails to adequately support the spinal curve, leading to lower back pain. Support placed too high above the beltline can curl your upper spine forward and lead to shoulder or neck discomfort. When placed at its optimal height, however, your spine will relax into the pillow’s support and reflexively straighten itself; many options exist here such as special edition pillows with video game skins for League of Legends and Overwatch.

Adjustable Seat Height

Adjusting the seat height is key when searching for the ideal gaming chair to suit both your body type and desk setup. Simply pull up on the lever on the left side of the seat until you find an ideal height; press down again on it once to secure it into place.

Omega provides another feature that’s easily adjustable: seat depth. This refers to the distance from your knees to the front edge of the seat and can be altered so you have enough space for comfortable sitting.

Secretlab chairs offer unique advantages: this chair comes equipped with an inbuilt recline mechanism that makes leaning back effortless, as you don’t need to reach for your laptop or keyboard when leaning back. Tilt tension can also be adjusted according to personal preferences; built from Class 4 hydraulic pistons and robot-welded carbon structural steel – which combined with its ideal center of gravity (CG) and sturdy base make this the perfect chair for long gaming sessions and workdays – especially important if you spend a lot of time at your desk!

Adjustable Seat Depth

The OMEGA Secretlab gaming chair from their 2020 series shares many features with its predecessor TITAN chair from previous series – like being filled with cold cure foam mix, having adjustable armrests and including a memory foam head pillow and lumbar cushion as well as having an ergonomically friendly padded backrest.

It features 2.0 PU leather upholstery that’s hard-wearing and resistant to abrasion; however, its surface may start flaking over time; fortunately this flaking has proven less severe than many of the other gaming chairs I’ve tested over time.

Adjusting the seat depth requires little more than loosening a knob at the base of your chair and moving it to its appropriate location. An optimal seat depth would be just ahead of where your buttocks end, which ensures proper body alignment with the chair back while not restricting circulation at your knees. OMEGA makes using its easy seat depth adjustment an enjoyable experience that can easily be tailored to meet individual preferences – just tweak its tilt mechanism back and forth or lock into place at specific angles for an ergonomic working experience!

Adjustable Seat Width

Seat width adjustment can help you achieve an ideal and comfortable sitting experience. Simply pull up on the lever on the left side of your chair to make adjustments – ideal settings would include leaving around an inch gap between knees and front edge of seat.

One unique feature of the TITAN series seat is its angled wings on the back that help force your legs together while sitting, which reduces dust or crumbs from getting trapped between your legs while sitting. Furthermore, this backrest can be adjusted into various positions for improved posture while gaming.

If you are between 5’9″-5’11” in height and less than 290 lbs, I would strongly advise the Omega. It fits you like a glove and provides sufficient support and comfort for long sessions of play. For taller players looking for additional support or comfort when gaming, the Titan series may be your better choice; both chairs provide great comfort and support; it’s simply up to you which fits you best! Both chairs provide excellent comfort and support – I know I plan on continuing using mine!

Adjustable Backrest

As seen in the image above, Omega features a high back design with adjustable support that’s great for maintaining correct posture while sitting in front of a computer and also helps promote blood flow to your brain.

The Omega offers a convenient reclining function that can be set to your preferred angle, providing a great way to unwind after long gaming sessions. Furthermore, head and lumbar pillows can be adjusted for added comfort – though I found lumbar pillows difficult to attach due to becoming trapped between chair wings and seat cushion gaps.

Overall, the Omega is a versatile gaming chair designed to meet the needs of gamers and streamers alike. While its lumbar support may not compare with Secretlab’s TITAN series chairs, it still makes for a good option if budget restrictions or compact ergonomic gaming is your priority.

Scharon Harding covers hardware, software and tech developments for CRN UK. She has an especially keen interest in gaming peripherals, monitors and virtual reality.

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