Galtech Market Umbrellas


Galtech umbrellas are constructed using cutting-edge materials designed to withstand severe weather conditions while remaining fade- and mildew-resistant. Choose from various frame and shade fabric combinations that match up perfectly with the style and colors of your outdoor furniture for the best experience outdoors.

The Galtech 737 Deluxe Auto Tilt Market Umbrella is the ideal residential solution for small to medium sized patios, featuring an elegant Sunbrella canopy and multiple lifting methods.

Wooden Market Umbrellas

For an elegant traditional aesthetic, choose a wooden market umbrella. This patio shade comes in various colors and patterns to perfectly compliment many outdoor furniture pieces, plus comes in different sizes and designs making it easy to find the one that best fits your space. Some models feature aluminum frames that make them more resilient compared to wooden poles – perfect for restaurants and commercial environments!

Galtech’s most favored umbrella models include its Cafe and Bistro series with octagonal canopies. These models feature durable aluminum frames, Suncrylic fabric solution dyed to resist fading, as well as an easy manual lift system and even LED lights for brightening up outdoor areas after dark.

Another option available to businesses is the 10′ Commercial Deluxe Sunbrella Aluminum Market Umbrella. Featuring an elegant Sunbrella canopy with auto lock crank lift mechanism for maximum safety, 360 degree tilt mechanism, interior ribs designed to flex in breezy days and four stunning finishes (incorporating UV protectants into its fiberglass ribs to prolong color fading), this patio umbrella boasts all these features in addition to UV protectant infused fiberglass ribs which have UV protectants embedded into them so as to maintain color longevity over time.

Galtech 781 Quick Ship Wooden Market Umbrella will make an excellent addition to your seating area with its durable teak frame and silver finish, featuring Sunbrella fabric canopies that provide ample coverage of seating areas. Plus, its wood has been coated in six layers of marine grade varnish to keep it looking new for longer!

Galtech provides an assortment of bases to accommodate various pole sizes. Some feature European designs while others are rustic or crisp white for an uncluttered appearance. Steel plate bases come with black powder coating for corrosion resistance while cast aluminum bases offer classic styles.

Glass bases add a sleek finish to any outdoor table. Available in various sizes and colors, these sturdy bases come with heavy-duty bags for convenient storage when purchased individually or as sets.

Aluminum Market Umbrellas

Galtech aluminum market umbrellas are tailored for both residential and commercial uses, thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frames that make cleaning simple. Available in an assortment of colors and sizes to match any decor or furniture piece, their Sunbrella fabric provides waterproofing protection that’s fade-resistant – ideal for outdoor use. Some models even feature LED lights along the interior ribs of their umbrella for an elegant and romantic feel.

Galtech umbrellas feature square frames for a modern aesthetic that matches most outdoor furniture styles, while also offering options such as hexagonal canopies and multiple lift methods for convenience. Galtech stands out with an excellent reputation for quality, durability, and functionality.

Galtech provides a range of shade solutions, and also umbrella bases designed to complement them. Their systems are simple to set up, compatible with various pole types and sizes, made from heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum material and resistant to fading or chipping.

Galtech patio umbrellas feature traditional designs with wooden or aluminum frames to provide a classic aesthetic, perfect for both residential and commercial uses. Their models may come equipped with built-in bases suitable for table and chair sets.

Aluminum market umbrellas from this company feature sturdy aluminum frames and Sunbrella fabric for maximum strength, and feature a striking design that sets them apart from others on the market. Color options and customization services allow customers to personalize these patio umbrellas to their specific needs; furthermore, their patented auto locking crank mechanism makes opening and closing them simpler – these patio umbrellas also come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty coverage. Furthermore, this company also manufactures teak market umbrellas, suitable for both residential and commercial applications that feature beautiful marine grade teak wood as well as an auto locking crank system to make operation safer – perfect for residential or commercial applications alike! Alternatively they also come equipped with auto locking crank system making operation safer compared with aluminum market umbrellas made by other companies on the market – providing customers a limited manufacturer warranty coverage against defects caused by themselves when opening/closing easily! Ultimately these patio umbrellas cover are covered by limited manufacturer warranty coverage from any defects caused during manufacture! Similarly, company also produces teak market umbrellas which come equipped with marine grade teak wood and an auto locking crank system making operation much safer; plus these patio umbrellas come covered by limited manufacturer warranty coverage! Moreover, companies also produce teak market umbrellas suitable for both residential as well as commercial applications with marine grade teak wood and auto locking crank systems making operation safer while covered under manufacturer warranties covering limited manufacturers warranty coverage! Additionally they manufacture teak market umbrellas manufactured by this manufacturer covered under limited manufacturer warranties provided. In addition these patio umbrellas cover limited manufacturers warranties offered through limited manufacturers warranties! Additionally, teak market umbrellas suitable for residential/commercial applications due its safe operation makes operations safer when operating costs less with limited manufacturers’ limited manufacturers warranty cover limited manufacturer’s cover limited manufacturers also offers teak market umbrellas suitable for residential/commercial applications from their teak market umbrellas which feature beautiful marine grade teak wood made specifically covered limited manufacturers warranty from either residential/ commercial applications from teak market umbrellas also manufactured teak market umbrellas are covered limited manufacturers’ limited manufacturers warranty coverage by limited manufacturers warranty cover! For furthermore available as well as well! They manufactures warranty! Additionally; teak market umbrellas themselves too! / commercial/ commercial applications to manufacturers warranty coverage limited manufacturers warranty coverage!s also available manufacturers warranty with teak wood (commercial applications too!) also manufactured for both applications by commercial/ and manufactured by these company are suitable commercial/ allowing with marine grade teak wood with auto locking crank systems covered manufacturers warranties against potential uses also manufacture teak Market Umbr. Also manufactured teak umbrellas are covered. Also covered. Also provide for applications which also available. Also offer teak market umbrellas respectively (tin both manufacturers also produced from either their limited manufacturers too.). Teak Umbrs both covered. allowing safe operations. Also manufactured teak markets cover them both making warranties.). Also manufactured also for industrial/ residential as warranty coverage limited manufacturers provided limited Manufacturer warranties! **** warranty cover them both /commercial applications as they may contain marine grade Teak wood feature beautiful marine grade Teak market Ua allowing.). Teak market.) or commercial applications; teak markets’. *commercial applications featuring beautiful marine grade wood used/commercially! There’s their respective industries too, too for industrial/ commercial. – teak market U/ manufacturers offer similar market umbrella manufacturers produce teak market U/. TM also manufacture Teak market U/ also manufactured Teak market umbrellas from them being covered as either

Square Commercial Umbrellas

Galtech offers an elegant selection of square commercial umbrellas to add sophistication to any outdoor area. Constructed from high quality materials, these umbrellas can be tailored to match the design of any patio furniture in an outdoor space, and even withstand windy weather conditions with no issues whatsoever. Galtech umbrellas make ideal additions for resorts and restaurants as they provide optimal shade coverage while still boasting modern looks.

Galtech’s shade products are constructed using innovative materials and mechanisms. Many of their aluminum umbrellas utilize stainless steel cables with auto tilt mechanisms patented by Galtech; fabrics include Sunbrella which resists water, fading and mildew; there is also an array of colors and sizes available.

Galtech manufactures hexagonal and round commercial umbrellas as well as square ones. Each model features decorative brass trim finished with six layers of marine-grade varnish; others come equipped with solid wooden poles for optimal usage in commercial settings. In addition, Galtech offers various styles such as their classic 9-ft wood Sunbrella market umbrella, making an excellent addition to both residential and commercial settings.

A great option for close knit restaurant table areas is the 6′ Square Cafe Umbrella, designed with double wall thickness to withstand windy days and ensure strength and durability. Furthermore, its aluminum ribs boast double thickness to offer maximum strength and durability compared with standard models while its double layer system prevents fabric tears on windy days. The 6′ Square Cafe Umbrella can also come equipped with an anti-tear valance that keeps fabric intact on breezy days.

Galtech stands behind their awnings with a two-year warranty covering any defects in workmanship or material under normal and reasonable usage, but does not cover damage caused by wind or improper maintenance. In addition, the company provides detailed maintenance instructions.

Galtech’s 7.5′ x 10′ Sunbrella Commercial Aluminum patio umbrella boasts an eye-catching, modern aesthetic. Boasting an aluminum frame and components free from corrosion that are sure to outlive their lifespans; plus its breathable Sunbrella fabric resisting water and stain damage; this umbrella offers stylish colors and patterns that fit seamlessly into any outdoor setting.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Galtech Cantilever Umbrellas offer an ideal way to add shade to outdoor spaces without needing a center pole. Available with sleek silver finishes and top quality fade resistant fabrics, these innovative umbrellas can easily be moved using base rollers with the supplied tool and come complete with round fillable bases for increased stability.

Galtech market umbrellas, handcrafted in California and backed by warranties to guarantee their longevity, are an attractive addition to any patio furniture set. Constructed using cutting edge materials and featuring easy opening/closing tilt mechanisms.

Our selection of wood and aluminum patio umbrellas is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, boasting handmade wooden frames from tropical hardwood and coated with six layers of marine grade varnish to protect them from rot and insects. Additionally, these umbrellas can be combined with either aluminum or stainless steel frames to form various shapes and sizes of umbrellas; Cafe and Bistro series umbrellas have especially impressive canopies which have been solution dyed to resist fading.

Galtech market and resort umbrellas are constructed using high-grade Sunbrella fabrics that are both UV protected and stain-resistant, providing optimal performance against extreme winds and rain while remaining easy to maintain and clean. Their strong winds- and rainproof qualities allow them to easily withstand strong gusts, making maintenance hassle-free – they even look great matched up with Galtech patio tables and chairs for an alluring ensemble!

If you want an umbrella that will stand out, look no further than the Galtech 887. Available in various designs and fabric grades (Suncrylic Grade C is suitable), this large umbrella also boasts an innovative tilt mechanism enabling you to adapt its shade according to sunlight intensity and visibility levels.

Galtech also manufactures an assortment of umbrella bases, both european and cast aluminum options, which are lightweight yet sturdy – they come in different colors to complement your decor and even feature decorative feet to prevent scratches on patio floors.

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