Omega Chair by Secretlab


Unlike gaming chairs with designs reminiscent of a Greek supervillain’s lair, the Omega’s design is relatively subdued. No neon hues or flashy typography zap your senses but still looks cool!

Its durable yet soft PU leather padding offers both strength and abrasion resistance, making the chair an ergonomic solution. Furthermore, four adjustable armrests add further ergonomic benefit.

High-Quality Materials

Secretlab creates gaming chairs using top-of-the-line materials and an exclusive manufacturing process, and their secret lab name speaks for itself; no surprise there. Their research and development efforts go into producing premium products for their loyal followers; from their patented SoftWeave fabric to high grade NAPA leather there are numerous customization options to meet each fan’s individual taste; their line of SKINS allows easy color and upholstery changes as well as supporting various esports teams like Newbee, Cloud 9, Faker and Summit1g competitive gaming teams and streamers/influencers! Secretlab supports various esports teams such as Newbee and Cloud 9, streamers including Faker and Summit1g!

OMEGA CHAIR series chairs are specially crafted to offer maximum comfort and coziness to gamers on the smaller side. From ergonomic features such as 4D adjustable armrests to COLD-CURE foam seat base cushion, their OMEGA CHAIR series chairs provide comforting support while gaming. Furthermore, memory foam head pillow and lumbar pillow support completes this setup for additional support.

OMEGA series chairs come in several different colorways, starting with the Stealth model which boasts black 2PU leather body with red stitching and features an omega logo on its backrest. If you prefer something more luxurious, the Royal option offers swapping out carbon-fiber lookalike lumbar front panels for blue suede ones for an eye-catching aesthetic and luxurious feel that would look good in almost any gaming setup. And to add that personal touch, there’s always Custom which allows you to pick an esports team, game or music artist theme when ordering.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design is truly impressive, designed with every gamer in mind and boasting everything necessary for comfort at work – including neck support and lower back pillows, adjustable armrests that move to suit you, an exceptionally comfy seat and supporting back which can ease pain from prolonged gaming sessions.

The latest edition of this chair provides adjustable lumbar support, so that you can customize your seating to meet your specific needs. Simply turn the knob attached to the backrest and choose your depth preference – not only is this useful but it may even improve posture by keeping spine flexible.

Omega also boasts multiple tilt settings to enable easy customization to suit any preference – from bolt upright to fully reclined seating positions and rock back at up to 165-degree angles!

All these adjustments can be easily made using just one lever on the base, making this gaming chair exceptionally user-friendly. Other chairs require you to reach behind them to access controls; with the Omega, all this adjustment can be managed easily with just a lever at its base – an added convenience over other models that require you to reach back behind for controls. You can even use its dial at the bottom to regulate forward pitch – perfect for anyone having trouble keeping their balance while reclined! Its piston is also more gentle than other models so there won’t be jarring movements as you shift in and out of positions as you shift back and forth – giving peace of mind as you shift back and forth!

Comfortable Seating

Gaming chairs play an essential part in creating an enjoyable gaming experience and Secretlab offers some of the most comfortable chairs on the market – their OMEGA CHAIR series provides supreme comfort!

OMEGA gaming chair features Secretlab’s high-density cold-cure foam that feels amazing, creating a luxurious experience. Additionally, its chair base is designed so it wraps around you for an immersive coziness experience that rivals that of TITAN 2022 series chairs. Furthermore, this chair comes equipped with both memory foam head and lumbar pillows which take it even further!

Wider armrests provide increased comfort when resting your arms on them and are even padded to add extra support compared to previous OMEGA models which featured narrow armrests. In addition, OMEGA also introduces an innovative style of lumbar support using stitched Omega emblems on plush pillows to provide targeted lumbar support in exactly the right spot.

Like the rest of this chair, its pillow is very soft to sit on and offers great support. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods in it may get warm due to PU leather’s limited breathability compared to fabrics or mesh alternatives.

OMEGA gaming chairs are an affordable way to provide comfortable seating when gaming on a budget. Unfortunately, it only accommodates individuals up to 5’11” in height and under 240 lbs, which may limit adults but will likely not pose any difficulties for gamers.


Secretlab has established themselves in the gaming community with their high quality chairs at competitive prices, like their 2020 series Omega chair. Their dedication to excellent construction can be seen clearly here.

The chair’s base is constructed using aluminum and steel, creating a firm and comfortable seat without wobbling or wobble-free use. Additionally, A-grade, high-density steel reinforcement ensures maximum stability and strength; additionally it employs cold-curing process which forms a tough outer layer of foam known as “foam skin,” helping keep air from escaping under pressure that would cause it to collapse otherwise.

Hydraulic piston seat height adjustment works smoothly and quietly, and its soft push/pull motion keeps you comfortable when making adjustments or sitting back down. No jarring crash down and sudden push up needed.

Adjust the tilt angle of your recline mechanism using the knob on the side of your chair by turning its knob. This way, you can make it extra loose for rocking back and forth during play or tighten it for more fixed recline angles – giving you plenty of ways to find an ideal position that meets all your needs.

Omega has made another big improvement to their seat and backrest with the implementation of soft yet sturdy 2.0 PU leather coatings for both seats and backrests, providing more durability than faux leather chairs yet maintaining classiness in terms of look and colourway. While the colourway might not be as flashy than other gaming chairs it gives this one more professional aesthetic which won’t feel out of place in an office environment.

Final Words

Secretlab’s Omega series proves there really is a distinction in gaming chairs when it comes to materials and aesthetics. The Omega is a premium chair well worth its cost with practical yet aesthetically pleasing features such as 4D armrests that allow users to move them up or down, side-to-side, forward or back for customization – an added feature is that Secretlab uses only premium materials when designing this product so gamers will buy it.

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