The Sleek Italian Design Of The Nardi Chaise Lounge

Nardi Collection Italian designs feature sleek Italian designs specifically engineered to withstand pool water, salt air and harsh sunlight conditions. Additionally, modular partitions help define distinct spaces within open backyards.

The Omega Chaise/Sunlounger features a tubular resin frame with breathable synthetic fabric that can be adjusted into four positions for your optimal comfort. Plus, its stackable design and wide variety of frame/fabric color combinations makes this ideal choice.

Made in Italy

The company’s furniture combines sleek Italian design with premium materials and cutting-edge technology for outdoor furnishings that combine style, durability, non-toxicity, ease of cleaning and maintenance into a range of stylish yet durable outdoor pieces that are non-toxic as well as easy to care for, making them suitable for balconies to pools and gardens alike. Many products from this line have won international design awards including RIO table with an aluminium frame featuring DurelTOP resin top slatted top surface. In addition, modular partitions made by this company can define spaces within open areas perfectly!

Nardi offers an innovative production process to produce lightweight, strong furniture with superior weather-resistance. Their advanced air injection molding utilizes inert gas as part of their vacuum production system to minimize waste while creating long-lasting high quality products that withstand even the harshest environments. Furthermore, their resin batch dyed and UV treated will maintain its color for many years after purchase.

Chiampo, Italy-based furniture maker EcoFurnish makes all their pieces from recyclable materials that help them keep prices competitive while upholding high standards of quality and durability. Their furniture uses fiberglass polypropylene aluminum technical fabrics as well as solar power to reduce its environmental footprint.

This company is one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic resin pool furniture. Their extensive outdoor line features various colors and designs, making it suitable for any patio or garden space. Their durable sling chairs and chaise lounges come equipped with sturdy frames and stain-resistant fabrics, making this company one of the go-to suppliers.

The Omega Chaise Lounge from Nardi is one of the top selling products. Featuring a curved backrest to provide support for the body and multiple colors to choose from, this stackable chaise lounge can also be ideal for commercial applications. Brigadoon Fitness offers wholesale pricing so that you can save on your next purchase of an Omega chaise lounge.

The Nardi Outdoor Chaise Lounge is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, boasting clean lines that complement modern interior design. It features ergonomically-designed backrest and can be stackable for easy storage; additionally its resin frame and waterproof fabric sling make this piece of furniture waterproof.


Nardi furniture stands out with its beautiful designs while remaining committed to sustainability. The company uses only premium commercial grade materials in its production of products ideal for hotels, beach resorts and contemporary diners alike. All furniture pieces feature stackable plastic resin frames which make for easy storage and cleaning, while its outdoor pieces are resilient enough to withstand all sorts of weather conditions while offering multiple colors and sizes to suit any space perfectly.

Company philosophy at Raffaello Galiotto Furniture includes producing unique outdoor furniture pieces that combine aesthetic and functionality, designed by acclaimed designer Raffaello Galiotto himself and have garnered multiple international accolades, such as Green Good Design Award and Adi Design Index Awards.

Air injection moulding technology used by this company during its production process helps to minimize energy use and avoid emissions of harmful gases, while its plants utilize solar power for running their machinery – meaning all production sites are eco-friendly.

As part of its commitment to sustainable production, this company utilizes recycled cardboard boxes when shipping their products. Furthermore, all synthetic fabrics used are Oeko-Tex certified – meaning they meet strict environmental standards.

At its production processes are continuously being improved to reduce waste. In particular, continuous cycle production reduces machine downtime waste. Furthermore, recycling swarf and scrap from processing is used back into production process for reuse in its operations.

In 2019, the company introduced Regeneration as an industrial program, to produce products using recycled plastic that could be repurposed again. One such product is Sipario – an outdoor partition. In 2021, Sipario received the Green Good Design Award which honours outstanding examples of sustainable design.

As part of its effort to be more eco-friendly, the company has entered partnerships with logistics providers who handle polymers transportation, thereby helping reduce waste production while simultaneously improving furniture material quality. Furthermore, recycled polypropylene from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste has also become part of its product lineup – taking an important step towards sustainability.


Nardi offers a selection of high-design outdoor furniture that is both durable and simple to maintain, perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Their eco-friendly materials ensure it won’t harm either you or the environment – whether you need sun loungers for your patio or contract quality chaise lounges for a hotel, Nardi has what you need!

The company’s design philosophy centers around three pillars: design, quality and sustainability. Their dedication to sustainable design has garnered them numerous international awards; for instance the Green Good Design Award recognizes innovative yet eco-friendly designs. Furthermore, all their products are produced in Italy with hybrid injection molding machines which reduce electricity usage; their furniture also meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, meaning it does not contain harmful substances.

Nardi has quickly established itself as one of the premier designers and manufacturers of contemporary outdoor furniture since 1990. Their products are crafted using an array of premium materials such as polypropylene and synthetic fabric. Thanks to innovative designs and premium quality construction techniques, Nardi products have become the go-to solution for many upscale hotels, resorts and ocean settings; specifically their Omega resin chaise lounges which boast tubular frames equipped with presswork technology which creates closed shapes able to withstand the elements while being stackable for storage purposes.


Nardi resin patio furniture collection features elegant Italian designs that are both beautiful and functional, built to withstand swimming pool water, salt air and harsh sunlight. Plus, their stackability makes winter storage convenient making these chairs perfect for residential and commercial spaces alike!

Nardi is one of the world’s premier designers and producers of contemporary outdoor furniture. Established in Vicenza in 1990, Nardi utilizes an entirely Italian production chain to craft high-design pieces featuring innovative content and quality standards – offering its customers maximum value and earning them numerous international accolades as a result.

Product of their products are tailored to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for their users, using various recycled elements, aluminum frames and batch-dyed synthetic textiles sourced from batch dyeing factories. Furthermore, hybrid injection molding machines that save energy ensure energy conservation. With such innovation and sustainability at its core, the company has become an international leader in leisure furniture design.

the Nardi chaise lounge makes an elegant addition to any pool deck or modern outdoor dining set, while its Omega sunlounger counterpart boasts undulating frames with breathable fabric covers that resist weathering while offering clean lines – ideal for commercial environments.

Outdoor furniture from Furioso Vineyards can be found in several upscale hotels, beachside resorts and modern diners across North America and Europe – from Furioso Vineyards in Dundee Oregon, Nooooo Blue Resort Queensland and Horizon Beach Resort Kos Greece – among others.

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