The Sleek Italian Design of NARDI OMEGA

Nardi resin outdoor furniture’s stylish Italian designs aren’t just beautiful; they’re also durable and versatile, impervious to swimming pool water, salt air and direct sunlight – perfect for both commercial and residential spaces alike.

The contract Omega chaise lounge is ideal for use around swimming pools, patios and decks. Featuring a tubular frame designed with presswork technology for closed shapes for maximum strength and easy cleaning; plus stack-ability!


The Omega Lounge is an exquisite addition to any outdoor setting, blending comfort and sophistication. Created by Raffaello Galiotto using high-quality eco-friendly materials that ensure long lasting performance. This commercial grade resin chaise lounge comes equipped with UV additives to color uniformly; featuring removable cover made from breathable synthetic fabric which can also be stacked. With 4 back reclining positions for more convenient seating arrangements. Having won numerous international design awards due to its innovative content and quality standards.

This company practices eco-friendly production processes with its continuous cycle and no waste production. Hybrid injection molding machines utilize external air as cooling system instead of water to lower energy consumption while simultaneously decreasing chemical usage in production process. Furthermore, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics used by this business are certified eco-friendly production and free from harmful substances that could pollute air or water bodies during manufacture process.

Not only does the company use environmentally-friendly materials, they employ an efficient manufacturing process with zero emissions. Furthermore, they use a continuous production model which allows reusing of swarf and scrap materials; large silos are available for storing virgin polypropylene resin; batch dyed pigments can even be batch dyed to retain their vibrant colors for years.

Nardi is dedicated to sustainable development and has undertaken various studies in order to assess the environmental impact of their products (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment). Identify the critical aspects of a product’s life cycle and make improvements that increase its recyclability and sustainability. In 2019, the company launched Regeneration as an industrial program that produces furniture using recycled plastic materials such as post-consumer and post-industrial waste, enabling experimentation of different solutions while increasing overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, the company strives to be completely transparent during their production processes while avoiding topical treatments that might peel off over time and pollute the environment.


NARDI OMEGA products are ideal for commercial settings due to their superior durability. Conceived for outdoor environments and built to withstand all sorts of weather, these pieces from NARDI OMEGA provide lasting beauty without succumbing to wear-and-tear. Furthermore, their ease of sanitization and maintenance needs makes them the ideal solution for hotels, motels or anywhere with pools.

Sustainability and quality have earned this brand numerous awards every year. Their dedication to researching unique characteristics of different alloys provides customers with an exclusive watchmaking experience, heightening beauty while offering resistance against abrasion, magnetism, temperature extremes and corrosion.

Nardi not only manufactures with polypropylene but also explores other original materials like aluminum and breathable synthetic fabric. Their innovations are further supported by Raffaello Galiotto’s team of designers under his direction who bring their unique aesthetic into each piece they produce – winning several international design awards along the way as they strive for high added value by becoming industry leaders, including winning Green Good Design Awards in 2020 and 2021!


Nardi resin-based outdoor furniture boasts sleek Italian designs that are suitable for residential and commercial spaces alike. Their chairs and lounges can withstand pool water, extreme sunlight, salty air, as well as being stackable when not in use – making storage even simpler! Additionally, modular partitions can be created from these pieces in order to define distinct areas within an open backyard space.

Nardi places great emphasis on local manufacturing and managing its supply chain, using high-quality materials that ensure their products will outlive anyone else in your life. Their Komodo collection won a German Design Award and modular seating can be tailored specifically to each client, as well as offering custom colors and upholstery options. They even offer accessories that keep furniture looking new longer!

Nardi’s mission is to offer high-quality outdoor furniture that makes life easier for its customers. Their philosophy focuses on three principles: design, quality and sustainability – three factors which have contributed significantly to their success and earned numerous international awards such as Green Good Design award for sustainable design. Their goal is to create products which are both eco-friendly and stylish that can suit any environment perfectly.


NARDI OMEGA chaise lounges offer superior comfort when relaxing around pools or beaches, making this contract-grade resin chaise longue suitable for hotels, motels, poolside bars and resorts as well as home owners or quality conscious commercial consumers.

The Omega Resin Chaise Sunlounger features a tubular frame constructed with presswork technology for maximum strength and ease of cleaning, along with fully removable synthetic upholstery that comes in various colors. Furthermore, its back can be adjusted up to four positions for easy storage space saving! Stack-able chaise offers effortless storage.

The NARDI OMEGA Chaise Sunlounger offers the ideal blend of comfort and sophistication at wholesale prices from Brigadoon Fitness. Boasting eco-friendly features and Made in Italy production, its eco-friendliness and Italian origin make it an excellent addition to your patio or outdoor space. Brigadoon Fitness proudly provides this chair at wholesale rates to the general public.

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