Nardi Outdoor Furniture was established in 1990 in Vicenza and offers high-quality commercial quality lounge furniture essentials that are suitable for any outdoor space. Sophisticated manufacturing meets sleek Italian design; their pieces are constructed using aluminum and polypropylene material which ensure that even during harshest weather conditions their collection of chairs and tables are resilient enough to retain their beautiful original aesthetic.

Nardi is revolutionizing outdoor resin furniture thanks to their cutting-edge technology and high durability. They offer an assortment of designs and colour choices suitable for every space from residential gardens to large commercial facilities, using modern manufacturing methods in tandem with traditional Italian techniques, while being constructed out of durable materials like aluminum, glass, and resin – creating products of uncompromising quality at a great value!

Furniture made by this Italian company is produced in Chiampo using air injection molding technology, which uses air instead of water to shape plastic parts. This method saves energy while being environmentally-friendly as no waste is created from this production method. Furthermore, their resin is color separated and never contaminated, and all their resin products are 100% recyclable.

Nardi outdoor furniture collections are designed to withstand various kinds of climate, from desert heat to the salty air found near coastal cities. Their designs keep all climates in mind so you can be certain your new furniture will still look and be as functional long after it was first installed.

Nardi offers outdoor seating solutions like the Komodo modular upholstered system from Nardi that offer flexible seating arrangements in commercial or residential settings. Featuring four legs in its rounded design, its four legs allow for flexible configuration options ranging from linear seating arrangements and corner configurations all the way through modular lounge areas. Available colors include white, anthracite grey dove grey and agave.

Popular choices among designers include the Catania and Doga lines, which feature light and contemporary designs. While one features solids and voids, while the other revisits a stave motif in an updated fashion. Both collections also come with vibrant hues like marsala and cappuccino that create new decorative options.

Raffaello Galiotto designed another outstanding chair collection: Net. This stackable chair is light yet durable, coming in various matt colours that makes it suitable for public spaces as well as being compatible with any other Nardi garden chair.

NARDI provides an impressive variety of color choices that makes it simple to find something to complement any existing decor, while you can mix and match across different colour families to achieve an integrated look. Selecting the ideal shade may prove challenging; luckily their experts are on hand to assist in finding just what’s needed – not only helping pick out an attractive hue for you, but providing more information about any pieces they think are worthy.

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