The NARDI OMEGA CHAISE Pool Chaise Lounge


NARDI OMEGA CHAISE* With its sleek, contemporary style and unique material choice – breathable synthetic fabric capable of withstanding chlorine, suntan oils, and salt water exposure – the NARDI OMEGA CHAISE is the ideal resort quality piece for luxurious hotels, glamping sites, or beachside resorts.

Nardi, an Italian furniture producer known for their groundbreaking collections of outdoor furniture for swimming pools, gardens and community areas has established themselves as one of the leading producers in this space. Their collections boast innovative content designed by Raffaello Galiotto while their production chain respects the environment – their polypropylene resin is color separated and never mixed with any other materials; waste generated during production is recycled 100% to guarantee 100% recyclability.

All chairs and tables in this collection boast light yet modern designs that are easy to clean, resistant to atmospheric agents, metamorphic in size and ideal for winter storage. Their extreme versatility sets them apart from competing brands.

These pieces feature unique designs as well as high quality materials that have been treated with anti-UV treatments and batch dyed. A two year manufacturing warranty assures both their quality and durability.

NARDI strives to craft products that combine elegance and comfort. In pursuit of this goal, they use innovative manufacturing processes such as air injection molding to manufacture their products – eliminating air bubbles while creating closed shapes ensuring maximum strength of each finished product.

The NARDI OMEGA CHAISE sun lounger is an attractive and comfortable sun lounger featuring a tubular frame made of either white or sand beige polypropylene with UV additives, covered with breathable synthetic fabric for breathability and stackable design. With four back positions that can be adjusted individually and 15 inch rounded legs ensuring ultimate comfort, this sun lounger can also be adjusted when sitting or standing up for maximum convenience.

Brigadoon Fitness is proud to offer the full selection of NARDI outdoor furniture. With commercial quantity discounts available, these exquisite pieces can be yours at an affordable price and let you experience Italy in your backyard!

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