Turn Your Backyard Or Patio Into A Tropical Oasis With The NARDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE Collection


NARDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE can turn any backyard or patio into a tropical retreat. Their resort-quality furniture features lightweight construction that lasts long under intense sun rays and tropical climates; designed by internationally acclaimed Italian designer Raffaello Galiotto and manufactured entirely in Chiampo, Italy from design through production.

NARDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE is an award-winning modern outdoor furniture manufacturer known for their stunning outdoor pieces and innovative use of materials. Their designs have won them international acclaim while their dedication to high quality standards and decades of experience can be seen in every piece they produce.

Their collections offer loungers, chairs, tables, modular partitions and modular partitions that allow you to design an open space suitable for lounging or dining. Their premium designs are crafted using polypropylene, an extremely durable material which can be formed into different forms. Their chairs utilize this innovative material with ergonomic seats designed for comfort and support; similarly their stools boast modern aesthetics with a variety of colors and shapes available to meet the needs of your home environment.

Nardi takes great strides toward sustainability and environmental responsibility through their manufacturing processes, with materials chosen specifically to reduce impact on the environment such as recyclable and eco-friendly ones, weather resistant ones with low carbon footprints and non-toxic composition. Waste from production is color separated to prevent cross-contamination with other materials while all their products are 100% recyclable.

Nardi resort-grade furniture is ideal for creating a relaxing retreat for you and your friends and family. Lightweight, long-lasting and easy to keep clean, just wipe down surfaces with soft cloth or sponge and use mild detergent when deep cleaning – avoid harsh chemicals as these may damage the finish of the furniture surface.

NARDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE has an assortment of loungers and chairs designed to complement any outdoor area, from poolside loungers and chairs to garden furniture or patio sets, perfect for restaurants and hotels alike. Made with hardwearing polypropylene resin material that can withstand British weather as well as salty environments – ideal for coastal regions or pool sides!

Daydream Leisure Furniture’s NARDI resort-quality furniture makes the ideal addition to your backyard patio, pool area or other indoor/outdoor space. Visit one of our stores in Noosa or Warana today or shop online to experience it all for yourself, with a team of specialists on hand to assist with finding exactly the pieces for your home or business – you can even order sample pieces to see how they look in different settings before making a final decision! Contact us now – we look forward to speaking with you!

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