NARDI Omega Chaise – Resin Chaise Lounge – Commercial Quality Stackable



NARDI is one of the premier designers and manufacturers of outdoor resin furniture. Established in 1990 in Vicenza, Italy, they produce beautiful commercial quality chaise lounges, tables and chairs made from eco-friendly recycled materials to withstand even the toughest outdoor elements – perfect for commercial environments! Lightweight yet easy to maintain make NARDI products great investments for commercial environments.

This Italian company utilizes an eco-friendly production chain to manufacture their products using air injection molding technology that produces zero emissions – further protecting the environment while making their products safe to use. Furthermore, they employ Life Cycle Assessment techniques that identify critical stages in product life cycles and enhance energy efficiency; furthermore they ensure no contamination of their water sources while recycling any cardboard boxes used as packaging material.

NARDI furniture is environmentally-friendly because they use superior materials. Their products are waterproof with weather-resistant coating to keep out rainwater. Plus, NARDI uses recycled aluminum and plastic in its products so that their furniture is both environmentally-friendly and sturdy!

NARDI designers are committed to searching out innovative new solutions and technologies, creating innovative designs with advanced manufacturing techniques. Additionally, this company boasts a vast selection of colors and styles designed by Italian architect Raffaello Galiotto as many pieces from this collection have won multiple international awards such as Green Good Design award or Red Dot Design award.

The NARDI Omega is a luxury pool chaise featuring a white frame and beige sling, providing maximum comfort when sitting. Adjustable to four different positions for easy adjustment and folding flat for storage purposes or stacking for space efficiency – making this an excellent choice for hotels or beachside resorts.

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