NARDI Outdoor Furniture

NARDI has long been recognized as an internationally acclaimed provider of garden furniture. Based in Chiampo in Vicenza province, they produce exquisite outdoor resin furniture made entirely in Italy using eco-friendly and high quality materials sourced locally such as plastic resin (which is 100% recyclable) as well as aluminium, glass and synthetic fabrics for upholstery of first rate quality – something no other company in their field can boast of doing!

NARDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE is both stylish and durable; not being affected by UV rays from the sun or salty/saline environments means it can stay outdoors all year round without damage to it. Easy maintenance includes no absorption of water for easy cleaning – plus its light weight makes moving or repositioning it an effortless process!

Residential and commercial use. Their collection includes lounge furniture essentials, dining tables and accessories designed to fit in upscale hotels, beachside resorts and contemporary diners. Furthermore, this brand boasts innovative designs that transform any space while still delivering durability for everyday use.

NARDI outdoor furniture can also be purchased wholesale, offering architects, interior designers and developers exceptional value and superior quality from this premium Italian manufacturer. Products designed by NARDI emphasize both aesthetics and functionality – with modular components helping create versatile yet flexible environments.

NARDI places great emphasis on environmental sustainability in their manufacturing processes and operations, using only high-grade materials while adhering to environmentally friendly principles in all of its operations. Many of their chairs feature modular structures which enable easy storage when not in use; additionally they use recycled polypropylene plastic material in production that can be recycled efficiently; their aluminium frames come from sustainable forests for optimal sustainability.

This company provides several attractive seating solutions, such as the Komodo modular upholstered system. This collection of round modules can be linked together in different configurations to form linear and corner seating arrangements; various colors and sizes are offered, and both seat and back cushions can be switched as desired.

NARDI outdoor patio furniture is an excellent way for homeowners to create a tropical oasis in their own backyards. Constructed with durable resin that is easy to maintain and resistant to fading or cracking, they come complete with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind when making such an important investment. Furthermore, this resin patio furniture can even withstand poolside environments as its waterproof construction won’t be damaged by UV rays from sunlight.

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