Nardi Outdoor Furniture – Made in Italy



Since 1988, the family-run business Nardi in Chiampo – a small town in northern Italy – has been crafting high-end outdoor resin furniture. Each piece of Nardi furniture is carefully designed for well-being and relaxation while produced using only materials made in Italy that not only look stunning, but are highly resistant and long-term reliable even in adverse weather conditions.

Nardi designs combine classical Italian influences with modern simplicity for an aesthetic that’s both current and timeless. Ranging from loungers and dining chairs to modular partitions, there’s something perfect in this collection for every outdoor space.

Their selection includes sofas and loungers in an array of styles, from the curvier Acquamarina recliner to the straight lines of Alloro Erica dining tables, along with a selection of stools and modular poolside areas to create divisions in open spaces. Furthermore, everything is waterproof making hose off cleaning easy – ideal for commercial environments where hygiene standards must remain the highest priority; stackability also provides great convenience when clearing spaces between seasons or closing a cafe!

All materials used are certified Oeko-Tex 100 compliant, guaranteeing they are free from harmful substances and highly durable and long-lasting as they don’t absorb water and resist mould and bacteria growth. In addition, they’re UV resistant so won’t fade with time to maintain their vibrant colours!

Nardi’s commitment to quality extends across their supply chain and environment policy, including their products made of recycled polypropylene fibreglass that is eco-friendly and antistatic – completely recyclable, non-toxic, and fully antistatic! Their production system even received ISO 14001 certification to assure compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Every step in the production of furniture and plants requires extreme care, from design through management of waste and plant production. Our sustainability and production systems are constantly being improved so as to stay current with materials and technological innovations.

Nardi outdoor furniture offers elegantly crafted pieces designed for residential and commercial outdoor spaces alike. Available in an extensive variety of sizes and colours, Nardi furniture has quickly become one of our go-to brands when it comes to stylish outdoor seating solutions. Let our team help you design a relaxing and inviting outdoor area adorned with Nardi pieces today – we would be more than happy to discuss what pieces would best meet your requirements and assist with finding them! To discover even more about Nardi furniture today contact us and get our team’s assistance today – they would love to discuss more! To discover all their range please reach out – our team would love nothing more than helping find just what pieces we would help our team would love nothing more than discuss and assist our team in finding just what pieces will best meet them and find pieces suitable for either home or business! To discover all about Nardi furniture get in touch with us now and we would be more than delighted to discuss what might work! To discuss all our Nardi furniture selection get in touch with our team now; our team would be more than delighted to discuss and assist finding just what pieces would suit best suit any piece suitable pieces we would love discussing your requirements or assist finding pieces perfect pieces suitable to you in terms of home or business furniture needed! For any of Nardi furniture could bring in! We welcome discussing what would best suit all needed for our home/business than Nardi Furniture get in touch today for more info…

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