Nardi Omega Sun Lounger Review


NARDI OMEGA SUN LOUNGER Sunlounger without armrests, characterized by its tubular plastic structure with breathable synthetic fabric on the inside, finished off in various color combinations of frame and fabric, stackable feet with non-slip features, small wheels for smooth movement and four positions of back reclining backresting are key characteristics.

Nardi Outdoor Furniture was established in Vicenza, Italy in 1990 and quickly has become one of the leading industrial realities in outdoor furniture production. Their designs combine elegant Italian aesthetics with high quality construction materials. Created by Raffaello Galiotto of Raffaello Galiotto Studio Design Group. Manufacturing methods use eco-friendly processes; resin production uses an air injection process, eliminating solvent use while producing zero emissions from production lines.

This approach allows the development of light, lightweight, and durable products that can withstand adverse weather conditions as well as consistent use. Furthermore, their manufacturing processes reduce resource requirements, making their products a more sustainable option for commercial use.

Outdoor furniture from this company is handcrafted from premium materials such as recycled plastic and aluminum, treated with anti-UV treatments and dyed in batches to extend their longevity for years. Furthermore, they’re lightweight enough to withstand even extreme climate conditions including heat and humidity without losing structural integrity.

Nardi’s mission is to produce sustainable products that are both eco-friendly and cost effective. Their design process incorporates Life Cycle Assessment principles into their product design process to identify critical stages in the product’s lifecycle, and improve energy efficiency and recycling processes – their latest production site in Italy runs on solar power while their products are 100% recyclable.

Nardi outdoor furniture makes a striking addition to any restaurant, hotel, resort, or public community pool. Their Omega Resin Chaise Lounge is a top seller among hotels and motels as well as in residential homes across Europe and America. Boasting four reclining backrest positions (including lay flat) this comfortable sunlounger comes complete with UV protection from Italy-made manufacturers Nardi who guarantee their product with two year manufacturing warranties; plus it boasts four backrest positions ( including lay flat). Versatile yet durable Omega Sun Lounger makes for perfect additions anywhere outdoors whether commercially or residentially!

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