Nardi Outdoor Furniture – Stylish, Functional and Long-Lasting


Nardi resin furniture is specifically designed to last. Tests conducted on Nardi’s products have proven they can withstand various environmental factors including harsh weather, salty ocean breezes and high-humidity environments. Each item produced using 100% Made-in-Italy production chain processes uses non-toxic polypropylene fibreglass (PPF), an environmentally-friendly material which resists atmospheric agents as well as being recyclable and antistatic.

As of 1990, Chiampo, Vicenza Italy-based Company specialises in high-design outdoor resin furniture that places great importance on design aesthetics, with meticulous craftsmanship that stands out. Their collections include sofas, sun loungers and tables made from superior PPF materials which combine functionality and beauty in each piece produced.

Nardi’s luxurious designs make Nardi outdoor furniture the ideal addition to any commercial or residential project that demands stylish, functional, long-term outdoor furniture. Their elegant ergonomic lines and subtle flourishes harken back to classic Italian design while remaining modern. Choose between sofas, sun loungers, tables, stools and dining chairs for blissful open air lounging or tables, stools and dining chairs that create stunning al fresco entertaining areas. Additionally, modular partitions provide another production category used to define distinct spaces within larger outdoor environments or create divisions within larger outdoor environments by creating divisions within larger outdoor areas or define separate areas in an open environment.

Nardi serves an international clientele consisting of restaurants, hotels, spas, poolside resorts and luxury glamping sites. Their commitment to quality can be seen throughout their operations: from sourcing and manufacturing through design and customer service; this philosophy can be seen reflected in stunning yet innovative designs available within their collections that can be further customized with accessories or features to meet specific space and need needs.

Nardi furniture offers an extensive variety of colors to complement any outdoor space, from vibrant blues and reds to neutral tones like tan and black. Made of top-grade resin dyed in batches and treated with anti-UV treatment to ensure its vibrant colors remain unblemished even after extended exposure to elements, Nardi outdoor furniture is lightweight yet weather resistant, easily cleaned when required and storage-friendly during winter.

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