Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Choosing outdoor furniture

When it comes to styling your outdoor space, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right furniture. Whether it’s for entertaining, dining or simply lounging in the sun, it’s important to find pieces that are comfortable and functional.

Choosing the perfect furniture isn’t always easy; there are many things to consider, including size, weight and durability. But with the right tips, you can find outdoor furniture that’s perfect for your space and style.


When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, weather is an important factor to consider. The materials used to make patio furniture frames, tabletops and upholstery need to withstand a variety of weather conditions and be durable over time.

Luckily, modern technical innovation has created a huge selection of weather-resistant fabrics that are both resilient and pleasant to look at. These synthetic fabrics are made from threads infused with plastic and can withstand the harsh conditions of sun and rain.

Some fabrics, such as sunbrella fabric, are specifically designed to withstand weather elements, making them a great option for outdoor cushions and accent pillows. They can also hold up to repeated use for years and maintain their color.

Other options for a weather-resistant patio set include aluminum, wrought iron and wicker furniture. Aluminum is a popular choice because it resists rust better than other metals. Wrought iron requires some maintenance, but it’s usually pretty easy to clean with soap and water.

Finally, wicker is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it’s lightweight and easy to care for. But, it’s also susceptible to damage from rain and humidity, so it should be taken indoors when the weather gets particularly bad.

Whether you’re looking for an all-weather outdoor dining set or a relaxing lounge chair, Birch Lane has a wide array of beautiful pieces that are built to withstand the weather. The brand’s fabrics are rot-resistant and mildew-resistant, so they’re highly reliable and sure to withstand years of use.


Choosing the right outdoor furniture can make your backyard feel more like a place to relax. Whether it’s for dining, lounging or entertaining, it’s essential to choose pieces that will last and stand up to the elements.

Regardless of your style or budget, there are plenty of options out there to meet your needs. From modular sets that spruce up any space to furniture that is made of durable materials, there are many options out there that will work for your needs and your space.

Hardwoods such as teak and cedar are typically the most sturdy types of wood for outdoor use. They can withstand rain, sun, insects, and other harsh weather conditions and require little maintenance.

Eucalyptus and cypress woods are also great choices for outdoor furniture because they’re resistant to the elements and tend to last much longer than softwoods such as pine and wicker. They’re also more eco-friendly, so they’re a green option for your outdoor space.

Polyethylene is another long-lasting type of material for outdoor furniture. It retains its good-as-new look over time, doesn’t fade and is resistant to mold and mildew.

Aluminum is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, too, because it’s lightweight and rust-resistant. It can be manipulated into a wide range of shapes and styles and can often be combined with other materials to create a unique, modern aesthetic.

While standard-shipped items usually arrive unassembled, more specialized online retailers often offer white glove delivery, which entails a trained employee bringing the furniture to your home and setting it up for you in the exact area you want it. Pricing varies by location and item, but it’s an excellent option for those who aren’t ready to invest in their own truck or for when you want your furniture to look perfect the moment it arrives at your door.


If you’re considering investing in outdoor furniture, you want to choose items that will last you for years. They need to withstand elements such as summer thunderstorms, intense humidity, dry air and snowy winters.

The frame material is the most important factor when it comes to durability. This will determine how long your outdoor dining table, sofa, chair or bench will last.

Hardwood is the most durable option for a variety of reasons. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is easy to work with. Some woods, like teak, can last over 100 years.

Other types of durable materials for outdoor furniture include metal, wicker and resin. The type of material you choose will also depend on the climate where you live and how frequently you use your outdoor furniture.

Metal is a versatile material that can be shaped into a range of styles and designs. It’s also the strongest and most durable of the common options for outdoor furniture.

It can be difficult to move or transport, though. It requires protection from rust and can be more expensive than other options.

Stainless steel, powder-coated reinforced steel and hot-dip galvanized steel are all excellent options for outdoor patio furniture. These finishes protect against rust and make the furniture less susceptible to damage during high winds.

Aluminum is another popular option for patio furniture. This light-weight metal is durable against rain, snow and sunlight. It’s resistant to stains and won’t corrode when exposed to salt or moisture in the air.

Plastic is another popular material for outdoor furniture because it’s lightweight, durable and resistant to fading, mold and mildew. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.


Whether you need patio furniture for your backyard or garden, there are plenty of options out there that will fit your space. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing outdoor furniture is that it needs to be versatile enough for you to use in different ways.

You should also choose furniture that can adapt to changes in temperature and humidity. This can include weather-resistant materials like metal, which can stand up to changing temperatures and prevent cracking and swelling. Wood and some plastics are also durable, but these materials may need to be treated with oils or other treatments to protect them from moisture damage and insects.

If you need outdoor furniture that’s comfortable for the whole family, try opting for sofas or loveseats. These pieces can provide extra seating and are often more affordable than other outdoor chairs. They can also be arranged to fit your group’s needs, which makes them a good choice if you want to host a lot of guests in your yard.

Many of the best brands of outdoor furniture have a wide range of styles and sizes. This includes everything from chaises and sectionals to side tables and dining sets.

Terrain’s collection of curated patio furniture features warming teak designs with simple, classic appeal. The site also sells outdoor accent pieces, like planters and rugs.

The brand’s selection of outdoor sofas and sectionals is on the pricier side (financing options are available through Affirm, for example), but they come with impressive warranties and quality customer service. And their patented OuterShell feature protects cushions from dirt and debris, which is especially useful for outdoor furniture.

Lowe’s offers free shipping on most items and returns are accepted within 90 days, but you will have to pay return fees if you decide to bring your furniture back to a store instead of sending it back via mail. The site also has a chatbot to answer your questions, but you should connect with a real person if you need more help.


There’s no reason to spend a fortune on your outdoor furniture when there are so many options out there. The trick is to shop wisely, keeping your budget in mind, but still finding the perfect piece that will complement your home and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for simple patio chairs or a high-end sectional sofa, there are plenty of places to find affordable outdoor furniture online. Some sites offer free shipping, while others charge a small fee. Regardless of your preference, it’s always good to look at the return policy before you make a purchase.

Walmart is an excellent option for budget-friendly, durable outdoor furniture that can be shipped to your door. It also has a generous return policy, though you should check before you add anything to your cart.

Wayfair is another site that makes it easy to find a variety of outdoor essentials without breaking the bank. The website is organized by style (like mid-century modern) or product type (like patio tables), so it’s a breeze to find something that will work for your space.

SunHaven is a newer direct-to-consumer brand that offers everything you could possibly want in outdoor furniture. The company is known for its teak patio furniture, which is both durable and stylish. The company ships products within one week for free, and they have a 45-day return policy.

Keter is another popular brand that offers outdoor furniture at an affordable price. They have a wide range of pieces, including a rattan set that can fit even the smallest patio, and they ship for free.

Besides being affordable, many of these products are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about buying them. They’re also backed by a generous warranty and an industry-leading 45-day return policy.

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